Prayers needed for Brittney Spears

Moreover, a decade ago, the ‘Jamie’ phenomenon began.

He addressed the court verdict and defended his position during his daughter’s 13-year conservatorship in a Sunday interview. He added that he doubts she would have survived in the absence of it.

Jamie Spears said, “Not everyone will agree with me. “It was like riding on a roller coaster. I do, however, adore my daughter with all of my being. If Britney weren’t under a conservatorship, where would she be today? And I doubt she would still be alive. I don’t.”

The father said the court order will shield Britney Spears during trying times, but he “won’t paint any wonderful pictures.”

“Conservatorship was a great tool for keeping both her and the kids safe. Without it, I don’t think she would have gotten the kids back,” he continued.

An L.A. court allowed a petition to end the arrangement during a hearing that lasted less than 30 minutes in November 2021. During her sad testimony that summer, in which she described how the conservatorship was harmful and how she wanted it to end, Britney Spears made this statement. After giving testimony, the singer was given the first-ever opportunity to select her own lawyer, which prompted an investigation into the alleged abuse.

After more than ten years of the #FreeBritney movement and years of her fans think she was unhappy, the singer was eventually released from the court order.

Along with her model spouse Sam Asghari, Britney Spears now resides in Los Angeles. In April, Britney Spears announced that she and Asghari were expecting their first child; the following month, she revealed that she had miscarried. Two sons, Preston and Jayden, were born to her and her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Jamie Spears and his other daughter, Jamie Lynn Spears, reside in a remote area of Louisiana. He told the Daily Mail that he needs to be careful what he says to avoid upsetting the artist.

Jamie Spears declared, “I really, really miss my two boys, Preston and Jayden.” “I do. We were so close. They were of the age where you could start having fun with them. They were, nevertheless, creating their own minds. God says there is a reason why things happen. It’s been challenging for the past three years without them; I’m not sure why. The family is in disarray. All we can do is keep praying.

Britney Spears’ relationship with her two sons was likewise governed by conservatorship. Federline was initially given complete custody, but Jamie Spears claimed that he reached an agreement with Federline so that they could visit their mother.

They had ample opportunity to spend time with their mother. They made the most of their father’s presence. That was not commonly known. ” The main objective, according to him, was to restore Britney’s relationship with her children. They felt secure and safe because of my bond with Kevin. Also, Kevin would claim that we were the ones who raised the kids. I merely carried out the tasks that I was asked to do or felt obligated to complete.

Because his daughter “was broke” and “had no money at all,” Jamie Spears also thinks that the conservatorship helped to grow her finances.

My idea of a conservatorship is to help someone get their life back on track, reintegrate into society, and live normally, he stated. “I want to claim that I made a difference. Several people assisted me in advancing my situation so that we could assist her.

But, a lot of people dissented from a distance. The singer postponed her second scheduled Vegas residency in January 2019 while on vacation. A few months later, she checked into a mental hospital, and admirers immediately theorized that her father had forced her admission. The #FreeBritney movement claimed that the singer’s independence was being restricted by conservatorship.

“All I can say is that most people have no idea what the truth is,” Jamie Spears reacted to the claims. “Her attorney has no knowledge of the truth. The media has not heard the truth. They’re aware of Britney’s accusations. Since I am aware that it is untrue and I don’t want to start a fresh argument, I don’t mind getting the smackdown. for my kid to fall into a bigger hole than she did.

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