Prayers for Steve Harvey

There is a proverb that goes, “When a door shuts, a window opens.” Surely a million times have been spent quoting this saying. Many people have made frequent use of it.

Whoever said it originally, one thing is certain: even if this isn’t a Bible passage, it unquestionably encourages people to believe in faith and hope.

Even though you may experience a lot of heartache and sadness in life, this shouldn’t cause you to lose faith in God; on the contrary, it should only strengthen it.

People who practice intense religion consider lost dreams to be God’s way of letting you know that greater things are on the horizon.

Therefore, all you require is a little bit of patience and the belief that everything occurs for a reason.

But one of the worst effects is to lose something you’ve grown to love over time. That is what longtime favorite talk show host Steve Harvey went through.

For seven seasons or years, his daytime chat show “Steve” (formerly “Steve Harvey”) aired on NBC. Despite this, the network opted to let him leave.

The events raised the question of whether the program was simply a victim of the controversy that broke out when Endeavor’s IMG Original Content took over two seasons ago.

During the final season of the show, Harvey voiced his discontent with the network’s handling of the replacement of his show with “The Kelly Clarkson Show” to Variety.

Despite the dreadful news, Steve remained steadfast in his faith in God. On Instagram, he posted a video that actually touched many people.

In his video, he continues, “They’re gon’ close the door on me in 2019.” All of this suggests that God might have another door that needs to be opened. We are even more in awe of who he is as he proceeds with some ardent and motivational statements. The closing of a door, according to Steve, does not signify the end of the world.

The man said, “I’ve learned to accept God’s will and realize that everything that happens to me is for my advantage and advancement. Because I did not travel this far to turn away from the God I worship.

With “The Steve Harvey Show,” Steve Harvey launched the lunchtime discussion show in 2012. It was released by NBCUniversal Television Domestic Television Distribution after being co-produced by NBCUniversal and Endemol Shine North America.

The show was one of the few brand-new daytime entries to receive both exceptional and respectable ratings. The final season of the show averaged around 1. 8 million viewers per week.

In turn, it surpassed Dr. Phil, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and Maury to take fifth place among talk shows, ahead of those four shows.

Even though “Steve” is no longer on the air, the well-known talk show host may still be seen frequently on television. He has presided over various events in addition to presenting “Family Feud,” including the Miss Universe pageant and Fox’s “New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey: Live From Times Square.”

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