Prayers for Jenelle Evans’ Son

In a video she shared on TikTok a few days ago, Jenelle Evans described her recent trip to California with her husband, David Eason. The two appeared to be having a great time, but the Teen Mom alum received some offensive remarks from TikTok users, one of which she chose to reply to.

The message, which appeared to refer to two recent instances in which her 14-year-old son, Jace, had fled the house, stated, “take care of your kids instead of running away to cali tf.” Jenelle Evans, who doesn’t mind voicing her thoughts, wasn’t going to let that remark pass without responding to it.

She responded to the comment by posting a two-minute video in which she pleaded with people to refrain from hating her, particularly if they were unaware of the whole circumstances involving her family. She began her TikTok video by saying, “So yeah, let’s talk – there’s a lot of comments going on right now and it’s crazy.”

She continues by saying that she wasn’t “running away to Cali” and that the trip was actually a work trip that had been arranged months prior. She also says that she shared the video one week after her return, making the actual date of the video to be a few weeks ago. She made it clear that her visit to California had nothing to do with the recent events involving her son.

Before commenting about her son, she states, “A lot of my kid’s actions is being put against me and I’m getting a lot of hate, a lot of comments – it just keeps going and going and going. “For the past two to three years, my son has struggled. Since we want to protect his privacy, none of this has been made public.

She wants her supporters (and detractors) to know that there was a reason she was granted custody of her son again; he had previously lived with her mother, Barbara Evans, when he was a baby. Despite the way Barbara put it, it wasn’t because Jenelle and Barbara were suddenly getting along.

In order to protect her son’s privacy, she won’t go into detail about those reasons, but she did offer some advice to other parents: keep an eye on your kids’ cell phones, especially with all the different apps available today (she specifically mentioned Snapchat as a “bad” app for teenagers for obvious reasons).

She acknowledged in her TikTok video that she kept an eye on her son’s phone and expressed gratitude for doing so because it can have a negative influence on teenagers. She suggested that her son got into problems using his phone, which led to her taking away his phone, which he, like most kids, didn’t take kindly to.

She left a clear message at the end of her video. “My son is fine, he’s healthy, and he’s safe,” the mother assured. “None of this is going to be revealed because of my son’s mental health, and I don’t want to actually get into specifics. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could grant her and her son some privacy at this time.

Jenelle Evans has a 6-year-old daughter, Ensley, with her husband, David Eason, as well as a 14-year-old son, Jace, and an 8-year-old son, Kaiser, with her ex, Nathan Griffin. Jace was given to her in March, but since then there have reportedly been two instances in which he has attempted to flee.

The first event occurred after his cell phone was taken away from him at school due to disciplinary measures, whilst the second incident was simply him traveling to a nearby gas station without alerting his mother. The manager of Jenelle Evans reaffirmed that “the family is fine” and “there is nothing to worry about.”

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