Prayers are sent for Sharon Osbourne.

According to recent rumors, Sharon Osbourne became ill while producing a new television program. Osbourne was thus sent to a nearby hospital, where she is still receiving care.

Osbourne was developing a sitcom with a supernatural element, according to TMZ. On December 16, she got sick while staying at the Glen Tavern Hotel in California.

Emergency medical services were called to the Inn at 6:30 p.m. PST. Unknown is Osbourne’s current state of health.

Sharon’s medical issue comes months after her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, dealt with a litany of health challenges of his own. Osbourne needed major back surgery to treat a long-standing ailment he suffered following a bad fall years ago.

Luckily, Osbourne’s surgery went smoothly, as his family revealed in a statement. “Our family would like to express how grateful we are for all of the love and support received in the months leading up to Ozzy’s surgery! Ozzy is recovering well and doing amazing! To him, your love truly means everything.

Pictures of the rock musician walking around with a cane went viral roughly a month after he underwent the life-saving surgery. The treatment, according to Page Six, attempted to add additional pins to his neck and back to straighten them after his fall in 2019.

Sharon acknowledged that prior to the procedure, Ozzy was unable to walk correctly. This procedure was meant to repair it.

Ozzy looks to still be recovering, but recent photographs have emerged showing him outside with his wife and kids suggesting that he is up and moving around. But he can also be seen using a cane in the pictures.

Another significant statement from Ozzy Osbourne is that he is leaving the United States. Ozzy has resided in California for a considerable amount of time with his wife and kids.

Yet Osbourne claims he’s had enough of gun violence after a spate of horrible incidents in the United States. Osbourne was born in England, and he promised to go back.

The musician told the Newspaper that “everything there is fcking crazy.” “I’m sick of witnessing fatalities every day. The number of fatalities in school shootings is unknown. Then there was the mass shooting at the Vegas show. It’s really ridiculous.

“I don’t want to pass away in America either. The f*cking Forest Lawn is not where I want to be buried. I’m an Englishman. I want to go back. Having said that, I’ll still go if my wife insists on relocating to Timbuktu. No, it’s just time for me to go home, I guess.

The pressure on the spinal column caused me to endure nerve pain. Nerve pain was something I had never heard of before, Ozzy said. “Do you recall the time you were a child playing in the snow and your hands got very cold? When you walk inside and spray them with hot water, do they start to warm up? You’re feeling cold, too? And the pain is unbearable? It is as it is. Oh God, please don’t let me wake up tomorrow morning, I prayed as it became so bad. because the pain was unbearable.

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