Prayers are needed for Terri Irwin

This month, a horrifying video of 18-year-old Robert Irwin being dangerously close to being eaten by a saltwater crocodile named Casper surfaced.

At Australia Zoo around feeding time, the enormous beast pounced at the adolescent, forcing him to flee for his life.

And according to reports, Terri Irwin, who lost her husband Steve in 2006 at the age of 44 after he was stabbed in the chest by a short-tail stingray, responded in horror.

When she realized how perilously near Robert came to a sad end, the late Crocodile Hunter’s wife “almost had a heart attack,” according to reports. said a source.

The 57-year-old matriarch of the Irwin family is reliving that trauma’ from Steve’s sad death, the source said.

Terri feels worried about the fact that her teenage son also works with dangerous animals like his father and wishes the two “weren’t quite so alike sometimes.”

At the Australia Zoo, a crocodile recently leaped at Robert, 18, ignoring its lunch in favor of attacking him.

The uncommon “leucistic” saltwater eel named Casper charges toward the adolescent in the disturbing video, and Robert is heard asking fellow zookeepers to “bail.”

Robert wanted to know if Casper felt secure enough in his new habitat to appear in the renowned Queensland zoo’s shows.

The 3.7 meter, 350 kg beast, however, disregarded Robert’s offer of food and charged straight at the teen with snapping jaws.

He was obliged to run and yelled “Bail, bail, bail!” as he did so in order to escape the advancing snake.

He nearly escaped the croc’s jaws, as seen from above during the dramatic event.

The scene came from the Crikey! the season finale on American television. Robert shared it on social media, and it’s the Irwins.

Being a leucistic saltwater crocodile, Casper has far less dark skin pigment than other crocodiles, giving him a paler appearance.

His condition indicates that “he would’ve been predated on at a young age in the wild,” according to Australia Zoo.

Casper is also referred to as “one of the most aggressive crocodiles we have ever seen” by the authors.

He has been paired with Wendy, a female saltwater crocodile who also has the same ailment, in the zoo, though.

Casper (shown), a leucistic saltwater crocodile, is a rare animal because he has significantly less dark skin pigment than normal crocodiles and hence appears lighter in color.

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