Prayers are needed for Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres recently opened up about the alleged sexual abuse she allegedly underwent as a youngster in an interview. In an interview with David Letterman for the upcoming second season of Netflix’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, which premieres May 31, DeGeneres alleges that her stepfather sexually assaulted her.

DeGeneres says to Letterman in the episode, “It’s a very horrifying, horrible story, and the only reason I’m actually talking into depth about it is because I want other females to never, you know, ever let someone do that.

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer not long after they got married, adds DeGeneres. After she had a breast removed, they developed a very, very sexual relationship, which I found to be quite uncomfortable. He also told me that, in order to avoid upsetting her, he wanted to feel my breasts since he had found a lump in her breast while she was abroad.

She was constantly convinced, according to DeGeneres, that her stepfather needed to feel her breasts. She claims that when he attempted to break down the door, she kicked the glass out and ran away since she knew what it would lead to. I didn’t want to inform my mother since I was trying to make her happy and because I was doing that.

According to DeGeneres, she eventually told her mother what had transpired. She alleges that her mother didn’t believe her at the time, though, and they continued to live with her stepfather for an additional 18 years. DeGeneres claimed that he ultimately misplaced her mother “because he’d revised the tale so many times.”

According to DeGeneres, the majority of women simply don’t feel like they have a voice. The only reason I’ve ever addressed this with anyone besides my friends is because I’m doing it now. In other words, we feel undeserving or are frightened to stand up and refuse. It infuriates me, especially now when I see people speaking out, when victims aren’t believed simply because we don’t make things up. Despite the fact that I like men, so many of them get away with so much. Simply said, it is time for us to speak out. Now is the time for us to take the initiative.

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