Place a tomato in a pot and cut it into four

Soups, spaghetti, salsas, chilis, and other foods can all benefit from the addition of tomatoes. If you consume a lot of tomatoes, growing your own could help you save money (and offer you more delicious flavor).

While starting a new harvest by planting a tomato seedling is the most common option, there are alternative options. Here are four ways to guarantee a never-ending supply of your preferred fruit:

piece of tomato buried

You heard it here first; that is not a typo. The Wannabe Homesteader provides a simple, affordable option. All you need is a tomato that is ripe, planting soil, and a few containers.

Potting soil should be poured into a big container almost to the top. A few small tomato slices should be added on top of everything. Choose slices that have a lot of seeds and bury them just deep enough to stop them from sprouting. Let them one to two weeks to begin growing. ​

The germination of your tomato seeds will take around a week. A single container can support up to 60 seedlings. Choose the top four or five. Plant the cuttings in a different location.

Verify the young plants once every few weeks. It could seem that one or two plants are developing more rapidly than the others. The weaker plants should be pruned back to make room for the stronger ones.

Set them down on the ground.

If you have a sizable yard with ample sunlight, growing your tomatoes directly in the ground as opposed to in a container will significantly increase your production.

According to Bonnie Plants, another benefit of this tactic is that it uses less water. If you go this path, be aware that deer and rabbits like to graze in these gardens, so take precautions.

In a window box, grow them.

In a window box, tomatoes can be grown even if you don’t have much area for a garden. Window boxes with a minimum 1.5-liter capacity are advised. The plant can be supported by a string trellis drilled into the wall. To implement this method, smaller tomato varieties must be used.

In a hanging basket, cultivate them.

Someone who does not work for the government is referred to be “independent.” On the porch, a hanging basket could be used in place of a pot. The plant will need more water in this manner than in a standard container because the water evaporates more quickly. A cascading cherry tomato variety is suggested for this kind of planting by DIY Network.

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