People laughed at this MOTHER when she told them that she makes her 7-year-old BOY CLEAN

In modern society, a lot of items are categorized as belonging to boys or girls. While most boys are supposed to be handy with tools and participate in sports, women are always expected to know how to cook, do laundry, and clean the house.
People find it strange and humorous when boys or men perform tasks that are perceived as being the domain of women.

A mother from Michigan named Nicole Boulogne faced criticism when she posted pictures of her 7-year-old kid doing the dishes and cleaning the house. Many questioned her parenting, arguing that males shouldn’t help out around the house or perform other chores because it is the domain of women.

Nicole, a single mother of two, tries her best to teach her kids to be independent. Although she takes care of everything around the house, she believes that teaching her kids to do things on their own will benefit them in the long run.

Her older child is capable of doing some basic housework, yard work, and cooking. She intends to teach her other child, who is still a toddler, how to do the same when he is older.

When asked why she taught her child to behave in this way, she gave the appropriate explanation.

“I teach my son how to cook and take care of the house. Why? since only women perform housework. Because he might one day be a single man living alone who is capable of doing laundry and who doesn’t rely on delivery every night. Because he might want to wow a significant other someday with a meal they made together. Because he will eventually need to help out around the house after he has kids and a marriage. Considering that I’ll be passing on a generation of individuals who lament that their schooling didn’t teach them how to wash laundry, cook, tie their own ties, or pay taxes. It is my responsibility to teach my son how to do these things and how to contribute to society both inside and outside the home. Because you can teach your child valuable lessons while still allowing them to be children. For my son, cooking and household duties are never too “manly”. He’ll be the kind of guy who can check on his pot roast after changing a tire. Who has the time to mow the lawn and wash their laundry at the same time? Remember, parents: A man who thinks he shouldn’t have to cook or clean up after himself was once a kid who wasn’t taught any better, she wrote.

Clearly, her mother’s side is the scientific one. According to studies, kids who are allowed to assist around the house later in life learn how to assume responsibility, take calculated risks, and accomplish lofty goals.

Congratulations, Nicole. We believe you are a fantastic mommy.

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