Outrageous Demand: Man Insists to Check her Fiancée in Front of Family to Ensure Her ‘Purity’

A happy engagement rapidly turned into a nightmare for a woman when her fiancé’s family made an absurd request that caused her to reconsider their relationship.

A woman adored her fiancé. She believed they were the perfect fit since she didn’t want to spend her life with anyone else.

“About 8 months ago, my fiancé proposed to me. We opted for a small wedding over the course of two days. Everything was going swimmingly. “He appears to be absolutely perfect, and we are madly in love,” the woman revealed.

Her fiancé approached her two days before their wedding with an absurd request: that his father inspect her hymen in front of his brothers and uncles to see if she was still a virgin.

The woman laughed off the request because it sounded ridiculous to her. She was taken aback when her fiancé insisted he was serious.

In his family, the father checks a bride’s virginity the night before the wedding to verify whether she is still “pure.” The woman expressed skepticism about the request, saying she wasn’t sure she’d do it.

The man demanded she go through it, informing her that his mother had to as well. “He said it would prove how much I love him,” she stated. He also gaslighted her, claiming she had nothing to conceal if she was a virgin.

What Did She Decide to Do?

The woman was stunned. She chose to depart, leaving her future husband in tears. “It was very dramatic,” she said.

A part of her wanted to call the wedding off right away, but she loved the man and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She began to think about the weird ceremony, all in the name of being accepted into the family.

She sought refuge at a friend’s home while she considered her options. She went to see her fiancé the next morning to inform him she would not allow the males in his family to inspect her and that he needed to respect her decision.

The man insisted he needed to go through with it for their wedding to push through. He then accused her of lying about her virginity, given she didn’t want to undergo the ceremony.

The entire time, the woman stayed calm and rational about the situation. However, the man started getting aggressive, and the more she tried to explain herself, the angrier he got.

“I told him if he really loved me, he would stand by me on this and tell his father no,” the woman shared. She hoped he’d come around and agree, but she was stunned by his reaction.

Instead of getting his support, the woman got slapped for saying this. He told his fiancée that he didn’t need to prove anything.

Heartbroken, the woman realized this was not the perfect man she once fell in love with. He turned out to be a completely different person, so she decided to call off their wedding.

The situation left the woman miserable. She lived with her friend and allowed herself to feel all her emotions before moving on and getting back up on her feet.

This story left many people speechless, thinking it was fake until the woman insisted it was true. What would you do if you were in a similar situation?

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