Never do laundry at this temperature again. The power consumption is huge. You’ll pay double the bill

We all want a perfect result after every wash. However, some washing machine programs use twice as much electricity, which doubles our energy bills. Find out at what temperature you should wash your clothes in the washing machine to significantly reduce energy consumption.

At what temperature should you wash clothes to save energy?
Avoid washing clothes at 40°C

Washing machine consumption can be doubled by choosing a certain temperature. Many people believe that choosing a 40°C washing program is the secret to saving energy, but this is totally wrong. If you’re used to washing at 40 degrees Celsius, you’ll have to give it up.

Washing at 30 degrees saves 40%.
When you wash your laundry at 30 degrees Celsius, the annual consumption of your washing machine is about 40% less than washing at 40 degrees.

Although the difference between 30 and 40 degrees may not seem like much, the difference of 10 degrees Celsius has a significant impact on electricity consumption. Heating the water by 10 degrees higher means that the washing machine will consume about twice as much energy (A cycle at 40°C consumes about 0.7 kWh, while a cycle at 30°C consumes an average of 0.4 kWh).

How to save 66% on your electricity bill?
You should also know that laundry will be just as clean and sanitized if washed at a lower temperature.

The latest technology machines allow you to efficiently wash your laundry at temperatures as low as 20 degrees Celsius, resulting in greater savings.

The washing machine should only be set to 90 degrees Celsius if there are special hygienic needs.

So washing at 20 degrees saves you up to 66% of your annual consumption compared to washing at 40 degrees Celsius.

For those who want clean, germ-free laundry, air drying is recommended.

Washing machines: more money-saving tips
It is important to reduce energy consumption to save money and protect the environment. Washing machines are often one of the most energy-consuming machines in the home. To avoid increasing your electricity bill, here are some tips to put into practice:

Do your laundry during off-peak hours to get the best rates.

Fill the machine completely every time you use it to avoid wasting energy.

Invest in an energy-efficient (a+ or A++) washing machine to reduce energy consumption.

Use energy-efficient washing programs to avoid wasting water and electricity.

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