My husband has found a younger mistress, even younger than our daughters


I’m Maria, I’m 53 years old, and my husband and I have been together for 32 years. Two of our daughters used to live with us but have moved out.

For 15 years, my marriage to my spouse was wonderful, but marred by a few minor problems that arise in any family. We lost our apartment in 1995 as a result of a bank loan. We had to move in with my parents because we had two young kids.

My husband moved to France three years later, and I followed, leaving our girls in the care of my parents. We both put through two years of work and were able to purchase a home.

We had to leave my husband in France by himself because the house we bought was far from my parents, and I had to stay in Romania with the girls. We talked on the phone and saw each other sometimes during this time.

During this time, my husband met another woman who transformed him into a person he could no longer control.

Even to our daughters, he was impolite, and he didn’t want us to go see him. My youngest daughter, who still adores my husband dearly, and I were both taken aback by it. I experienced a mental breakdown, stopped eating, had trouble sleeping, and my life seemed to be a never-ending nightmare.

Years went by, I got a job, and I gradually began to forget what had happened. One day, after losing his job and being bankrupt, my husband asked our daughters if he might return home.

He was accepted and pardoned by us, yet he still cheated on me. Every time, I learned about it because he couldn’t conceal his extramarital affairs.

He then acted properly for a while before traveling to Africa, where he naturally found a woman there who was 24 years old and younger than his own daughters. He currently works in France and visits his family once a month, but he also has another mistress who is 20 years his junior. He denies having this relationship, despite the fact that I discovered out.

Please advise me on what to do.

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