More than 12 police officers appeared in front of her

There are seven of Vanessa’s brothers and sisters who are older than she is, making her the youngest of the Vega family’s children at the age of 8.

Her father, José “Gil” Vega, passed tragically while he was serving his country in the military just a few weeks before the start of the new school year.

Because Vanessa’s father was no longer in her life, she had no one to drive her to class on the first day of school. This made it a challenge for her, and she struggled through it. Because the local Palm Springs police did not want the young lady to have a difficult time adjusting to her new environment on the first day of school, they reached a consensus to transport her there by themselves. Palm Springs is where she calls home.

Sergeant William Hutchinson asserts that the police officers had the intention of bringing Vanessa to school so that she would not become despondent; nevertheless, they were unable to accomplish this goal.

Because of the fact that the kid was escorted to school by more than 12 police officers, it was demonstrated to her that she had more than 12 uncles who are willing to assist and assist her in any way they can.

Vanessa, who is currently enrolled in the fourth grade, was driven to school by officers who picked her up from her residence and transported her in a patrol car. In addition to that, William Hutchinson is reported to have stated:

He remarked that “right now is a very challenging period for her.” We can’t just ignore it or pretend it’s not happening. From this point forward, he will have the backing of a completely new family. He can count on their support.

The youngest member of the Vega family, Vanessa, spoke during the funeral service. She mentioned that her father, who worked as a law enforcement officer, was the one who was responsible for her education.

This video clip does an excellent job of depicting both the extraordinary incident as well as the girl’s reaction to it:

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