Mom passed away after stepping on an ant hill

A mother from Gwinnett County named Cathy Weed tragically perished after stepping on an ant hill in her yard.

She was a beloved member of the community, a loving mother who never missed one of her son’s baseball games, and a significant community pillar, thus her passing devastated many.

On the baseball field where she supported her son Gray, a rising sophomore who played for the Mountain View High School Bears baseball team, tributes to Cathy were paid by people who knew her.

Cathy stepped on the ant hill unintentionally, which led to the disaster. Sadly, she had a fatal allergy to fire ants, and the reaction had been so intense that she had just had time to reach for her medicine.

Cathy had a similar incident in 2018, but she made it through. Despite having an adverse reaction to an ant bite, she was quickly taken to the ER. She stressed the value of having an EpiPen on hand back then in case someone became allergic to something. It happened at a time when EpiPens were in scarce supply. Sadly, she died from the same allergic response years later.

The obituary for Cathy emphasized how unique a person she was. She was described as “a remarkable person who touched the lives of everyone she encountered.” We shall always remember her for her warm smile, gentle heart, and unflinching compassion.

The team’s coach, Jason Johnson, characterized Cathy as a beautiful person who had a close relationship with her kid. “To [Gary], his mother was everything, and he was even more to her than that.”

We sincerely apologize for this awful loss. The mourning family is in our thoughts and prayers.

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