Mom discovers a hidden note in her daughter’s room after her sudden passing, and she is horrified to read its content.

The majority of young people desire to go to college, travel, and make plenty of friends. No different was 12-year-old Taylor Smith from Johnson City, Tennessee. This young lady enjoyed watching Doctor Who and spending time with her family and friends.

In a letter to her future self from April 2013, Smith shared these goals. The letter was tucked away in a box in her room, “To be opened by Taylor Smith on April 12, 2023 only (unless specified otherwise).

She sadly did not survive long enough to witness whether or not her goals were accomplished. Just a few months after writing that letter, Taylor passed away as a result of complications from an unexpected pneumonia attack.

Her parents, Tim and Mary Ellen Smith, were distraught. They couldn’t believe their young daughter had left them.

One day, they were going through her possessions when they came upon the note. They were so moved by it that they decided to post it online in the hope that it would soothe others.

Marry Ellen replied to her daughter’s letter by saying, “I can’t physically resuscitate her, I can’t bring her back.”

I’m happy that her story has motivated others.

Below is a copy of Taylor’s letter and some remarks she penned to herself.

Salutations, Taylor!

How is life treating you lately? Life is really simple right now (10 years in the past). I apologize for being late, but since you’ve already graduated from high school, I’ll just say congratulations. If you weren’t successful, try again later. Get that degree! Do you (we) really attend college? If you don’t want to, I can understand. We do, after all, have some compelling reasons.

Don’t forget that Allana turned 11 today! You’re eleven already, what the heck? When I was born, she had just turned a year old! I was on my first mission trip to Cranks, Kentucky, so I couldn’t go to the party. Just six days have passed since my return!

While we’re at it, how is your relationship with God? Recently, did you pray, worship, read the Bible, or go to serve God? Get up and do it RIGHT NOW if you haven’t already! Whatever stage of life we are in right now, simply get started! He endured humiliation, abuse, torture, and execution on the cross for you! a perfect man who has never done you or anyone else any harm!

Have you since taken any other missionary journeys? Have you ever ventured outside of the US? How about air travel?

Are you aware of the current status of Doctor Who? If not, how did they end it if with regeneration? You should watch some Doctor Who right now! But after that, you must finish reading your own words of wisdom!

Do you now reside in your own home? If we are in college, what are we majoring in? Right now, I’m trying to become a lawyer.

Have you been to Dollywood recently? Right now, their newest attraction is the Wild Eagle. It’s really enjoyable!

Additionally, I’m considering selling my iPad and buying an iPad mini in its place. Remember to tell your children that we are older than the tablet! You can show them the iPad drawing I’ve included as well.

All I have to say about it is that. The fact that this was written ten years ago should be kept in mind. There have been both happy and tragic events. You must accept that as the way life is because it is.

I really apologize, Taylor Smith is an American musician.

Lovely sentiments from an angel who left her family way too soon!

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