Miranda Lambert pissed off all her fans with her gesture

After the country singer received criticism for engaging in an aggressive altercation during her residency on July 15 in Las Vegas, Miranda Lambert’s supporters are split.

While putting together the set list for her months-long production, Lambert promised Vulture that she would consider which songs from her past were the favorites of her audience.

She told the magazine, “I discovered that part of this Vegas performance is, ‘Give the fans what they want. They visit because they have been a fan for some time and because it is a frequent stop on their journey. There are probably some songs in the set that I’m sick of hearing.

But Lambert became agitated in the middle of one of her most well-known songs due to the behavior of some concertgoers.

Miranda Lambert reprimanded spectators for taking selfies.

On July 15, Miranda Lambert cut short her performance to chastise a group of spectators for taking pictures when she performed a particularly moving song.

The country singer was seen in the TikTok video belting out her heartbreaking 2017 single, “Tin Man,” which contains lyrics cautioning the Tin Man from “The Wizard of Oz” about the risks of having a heart. After singing the first few words, Lambert announces, “I’m gonna stop right here for a sec,” as though he had identified the offenders in the crowd.

The artist pointed at the females and remarked into the microphone, “These girls are worried about their selfies and not listening to the song.” I find it a little bit grating.

By restarting the song, Lambert sought to refocus the audience, but the throng remained furious. In the video, people can be seen leaving the cinema. One thrilled audience member exclaimed, “Let’s go!” “You don’t treat your fans like that.”

After the incident, some concertgoers supported Lambert, while others defended the country singer online because of the song’s emotive character.

However, some people weren’t persuaded. “Go to a concert to have a memorable experience. Someone ought to be able to snap a photo to preserve that memories, one user tweeted.

During the recent outbreak of raucous crowds, another quipped, “Gurl, at least they didn’t throw the phone at you for this.” The show was probably more negatively impacted by Lambert’s rage than by anyone taking a photo.

However, following the selfie incident, several fans have voiced their anger on social media, and some have completely questioned their presence. On Lambert’s Instagram backstage video, a (former?) fan said, “Just got a refund on my tickets.” “I’m not going to see you after the way you treated those girls. They purchased those tickets on their own. Ouch.

The song “Tin Man” by Miranda Lambert doesn’t seem to be the type to cause a stir. Perhaps audience members were taking pictures during the downtime? Since “Tin Man” appeared on Lambert’s 2016 album “The Weight of These Wings,” many have speculated that Lambert’s 2015 divorce from fellow country musician Blake Shelton served as the inspiration for the song.

The “Hell on Heels” singer claimed in a 2017 interview with Taste of Country that the album was a “diary of the last couple years” of her life, however she hasn’t revealed the precise origins of the song.

In a 2017 interview with Sounds Like Nashville, Lambert said, “Whatever influenced you the most, at whatever time in your life, comes out somewhere or another in your art.”

At the 2017 Academy of Country Music Awards, the performer sang “Tin Man” acoustically; Kelly Clarkson covered it for her 2019 tour. Will “Tin Man’s” legacy include the #selfiegate scandal?

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