Man captures glowing figure shining through clouds

There are many people who believe it to be a sign.

There are certain happenings and interactions in life that, regardless of one’s religious beliefs or lack thereof, leave us with the impression that they are a part of something more significant.

In order to have confidence in God, one must refrain from casting doubt on the events that take place or the trials and tribulations that may arise along the journey.

Alfredo Lo Brutto, who is from Italy, recently uploaded a photograph on social media that he had taken of a figure in the sky that looked strikingly similar to the statue of Christ the Redeemer that is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This amazing statue stands at a height of 30 meters and is not only one of the largest statues depicting Jesus but also the highest art deco statue that exists anywhere in the globe.

When Alfredo shared the breathtaking photograph that he had shot over the Tyrrhenian sea, it managed to stir up some sort of controversy. There are those who believe the figure to be divine and a sign from God, while others maintain that it is simply the clouds with the sun shining through them.

That is not the first time that individuals have had differing perspectives of images that have emerged online, and this time, there is a good amount of people on both sides of the argument.

“The scenery completely captivated me. Alfredo told Daily Mail, “I don’t often share images on social media, but when I took this one, I instantly felt like I wanted other people to see it because it was so beautiful.” “I don’t share pictures on social media very often since I don’t share many pictures.”

Even if you don’t think you can make out a picture of Jesus in this picture, we can all agree that this picture is remarkable because it captures the splendor of the natural world that we live in.

Where do you stand? What do you see before you? Do you think that this sign could be connected to higher powers?

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