In the backyard of his house, a large pit appeared, he was curious, so he went down into the hole.

The pits that form naturally and almost overnight are fascinating, they are actually a descent of the earth when the soil substrate has been loosened by water. A large hole will be seen on the surface.

Johnny Morris has a golf course in Missouri, the pit appeared here, and the billionaire was not going to cover it simply, not without taking a look inside. Although some government experts advised him to cover it and do his job, Johnny hired a few people and asked them to remove the earth.

When things started to become visible, a complex system of very long caves came out that went for miles underground, astonishing geologists. It seems that the cave walls indicated that there were other cave systems nearby.

Although Morris does not say how much he spent on this project, he said that he gave every penny with the greatest joy, on this occasion he seems to have discovered a real passion.

Here is everything in his words: “Whether it’s just a fox pit there, you have to get inside and crawl to find out. This is the mystery and it is the most beautiful part of the project “.

Here are more pictures:

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