“I wouldn’t want those babies”

When they found out they were going to have twin girls, Savannah Combs and Justin Ackerman couldn’t contain their excitement. However, their joy was tinged with trepidation when they discovered that both of their children, Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman, would be born with Down syndrome. As a result, their primary care physicians advised them to terminate the pregnancy prior to the baby’s conception.

Savannah made the decision to carry the pregnancy to term and spent the time at each prenatal checkup bonding with her babies. She referred to them as her “tiny diamonds” and recorded her postpartum experience on TikTok, which became popular as a result of her sharing it. Both babies were delivered two months before their due date, and they both had to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for many weeks before they could go home.

They are referred to as “mono di twins” because to the fact that although their amniotic sacs are distinct, they share the same placenta. This is an exceedingly unusual occurrence. Due to the girls’ health as well as the fact that they were diagnosed with Down syndrome, several unpleasant remarks were posted on social media. One individual even stated that they would have placed the babies for adoption had they known about their condition. Savannah reacted graciously and emphasized that her daughters had been transferred to the appropriate parents – themselves – who would welcome and appreciate them. These parents were herself and her husband.

Savannah is determined to demonstrate to her daughters that there is no reason why they should be treated any differently than any other children and that they are capable of achieving their goals. She keeps others up to date on their progress on TikTok, and she wants to emphasize the importance of remaining determined in all endeavors.

Savannah’s life and love have been profoundly impacted as a result of the experiences she has had, and she hopes that sharing her story would encourage people to demonstrate compassion and love, qualities that supersede all others in terms of significance.

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