“I was dumped for a younger woman…”

Violeta experienced an unexpected divorce after 30 years of marriage, just as she anticipated enjoying good times in her second youth. Her return to happiness was aided only by optimism.

“I’ve been considering writing to you for a while. I felt ashamed and lacked the fortitude to resign, but I have since done so.
My marriage was fulfilling.

My husband was attentive and had excellent behavior. We intended to rekindle the romance of youth as our kids graduated from school and we watched them tie the knot. In order to retire there in our later years, we intended to construct a home in the mountains.

Two years ago, when we were watching television, my husband stated he wanted to chat to me.

I had no idea he would break such dreadful news to me. He quietly confessed his love for me. He gently explained to me that they had been dating for some time, that she is a student, and that he wants to live with her.

Fortunately, I was relaxed on the armchair. I didn’t even have the fortitude to confront him, demand answers from him, or ask questions. Through my sobs, I could only shiver and ask, “Okay, but what about me?”

The tragic tale of the woman who is about to get divorced suddenly

He packed his things the very following day and left. I was upset, but I couldn’t even point the finger at the girl who had his attention. The only thing I regretted was that I didn’t see his transformation and that I let him leave. Quickly after, I got a divorce summons. I endured much suffering. I was accused of letting him go too easy by the kids. But I believed that battling for him was pointless.

I anticipated that he would later regret the decision. I also began a new life. In order to fill the vacuum in my soul, I didn’t want to find anyone else except calm. I traveled, met new people, and tightened my bonds with the more established ones. While he was gone, I felt fantastic.

Her spouse finally returned home in peace after a protracted period during which no one knew anything about him. I felt bad for the guy. He was ill and had a poor appearance. He wished for us to reconcile. The fact that he treated me like “bad weather cloak” and how much pain he caused me to endure didn’t make me feel upset till after that. I asked him to leave my house with a smile on his face and the same composure he used to tell me he was in love. I informed him that the girl he cherished so much and for whom he abruptly left his family was living next door to him.

He no longer lives with her, is single, and is still attempting a reconciliation with the kids.

But even if I had a best friend, I would never marry since I take care of my life and cherish every second spent with my grandchildren. Because, even at 55, life is worth living wonderfully, responsibly, and quietly.

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