Husband is having an affair, but wife’s brilliant revenge makes him regret it all

The girl’s spouse apparently didn’t get the karma memo.

In the Reddit story that follows, a husband is exposed as a cheater by his wife. Then she sends him an unexpected letter, surprising him! If you need some happiness today, this story is a lovely one to read!

“Before you return from your foreign trip, I just wanted to let you know about the slight accident I had with the pickup truck when I turned into the driveway. Don’t worry too much about me; thankfully, it wasn’t too bad and I wasn’t hurt.

On the way back from Walmart, I accidentally pressed the accelerator rather than the brake as I turned into the driveway. The pickup vehicle fortunately stopped when it hit your car, but the garage door is somewhat damaged.

I’m sincerely sorry, but knowing how beautiful a person you are, I have faith that you will accept my apologies. You are aware of how much I value and care for you, my beloved. I’ve provided you with a picture.

I’m eager to give you another hug.

your loyal partner.

P.S. Your girlfriend gave you a call.

It’s safe to infer that the husband wasn’t very upset about his car after reading the final sentence. He would have looked similar to the man in the illustration below.

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