How to use chocolate leftovers – economy in the kitchen

Delicious and creamy, chocolate is everyone’s favourite, but you can’t consume an unlimited amount. Discover how you can use leftover chocolate to enjoy the special taste for longer.

Chocolate enjoyed plain is a tempting treat, but if you have any broken pieces or grated chocolate left over you can use them successfully in tasty recipes. When you eat it plain you definitely prefer the intact squares and avoid the crumbled or partially melted parts. It’s easy to use up leftover chocolate, reserving the ideally shaped squares for other occasions. You’ll end up preferring these because you’ll find it hard to resist the special flavour. Depending on the type of chocolate you choose, you’ll get special flavours and you can vary the final taste all the time, so you won’t have time to get bored.

Here’s how you can use leftover chocolate in your kitchen:

In smoothies

Got leftover chocolate and it doesn’t look very good plain? The quickest way is to incorporate it into a smoothie. Combine 2 cups of milk with a cup of fruit (banana, pineapple, mango, peach, kiwi, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry or nectarine), ½ tsp cinnamon and 50g grated chocolate.

You’ll enjoy a hearty smoothie with a great taste that will make you forget about cakes or sweets.

Chocolate also goes well with vegetable-based smoothies, if you choose those with a sweet taste, such as red beetroot or carrots.


Chocolate can supplement your cereal intake without any special effort. Choose wholegrains for extra fibre and vitamins, then add milk, grated chocolate, honey and nutmeg. Your breakfast will become more appealing, even for the little ones, and the vitamin content will be higher. This way you can fortify your body while enjoying a hearty breakfast.

On ice cream

Love ice cream but want to avoid excess calories? Nutritionists recommend making it yourself. It won’t take you long, and saving calories will keep you coming back to the natural variety. Combine Greek yoghurt with blackberries, blueberries, grated chocolate and banana slices. Blend well until smooth. Portion into small containers and freeze for at least 20 minutes. You can enjoy the ice cream the same day or keep it in the freezer for a little treat during the week when you get home after a busy and tiring day.

On pizza

Pizza is tasty and savoury, but what about the sweet version? If you’re not familiar with this option, you need to try it at least once. Start with a wholemeal pizza crust. Make the topping from melted chocolate, banana slices, kiwi, honey, mango, pineapple, chopped nuts and sunflower seeds. You’ll see how good sweet pizza can be, and your kids will love the new twist.

Bread with chocolate (pain au chocolat)
Leftover chocolate from the last packet is ideal for making this tasty recipe. Especially in the cold season, the delicious pain au chocolat will make you forget about the rain, cold or wind as you discover the chocolate in the dough.

Don’t hesitate to make this recipe for yourself and your loved ones.

In muffins or brownies

Leftover chocolate will help you make fluffier muffins or brownies with an appetising colour. If you use chocolate in addition to the recommended amount of cocoa and reduce the amount of sugar used accordingly, the brownies will stay tender for longer and taste great.

On toast

Chocolate also works well when you need to make a very quick breakfast. Toast 2 slices of wholemeal bread, then spread grated chocolate on the warm bread. It will melt quickly, successfully replacing Nutella or similar products. You can follow with apple slices or mashed bananas, sprinkling a little cinnamon at the end. Such a breakfast will reduce cravings throughout the day and make it easier to stick to your planned calorie total.

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