How to make perfume smell last longer on your skin: tricks revealed by famous Perfumers

A quality fragrance that’s priced right is worth using in a way that we enjoy it for as long as possible. A perfumer reveals which essences keep best, and how to apply perfume so that the scent doesn’t fade after a short time. A good perfume that we like and that suits us is hard to find. But once we’ve found it, it’s important to know how to keep it and especially how to use it to make it last as long as possible throughout the day.

It’s not enough to spray it on the wrists, as most people do, or behind the ears. Perfumer Christine Luby, who worked with the team of experts behind Tom Ford fragrances, revealed a few secrets to Into The Gloss magazine.

“First, fragrance doesn’t last very long on dry, unhydrated skin.

That’s why people with oilier skin don’t need to apply perfume as frequently as those with dry skin. That’s why you apply an unscented body cream before spraying perfume.

You can also use a little petroleum jelly on your wrist before applying perfume to make the scent last longer,” explained Christine Luby.

Hair retains the scent of perfume best, not skin It’s best to use perfume immediately after showering, before getting dressed.

The skin is moisturized, and the steam has opened the pores, and this will help the fragrance to set much better and even last all day. One more thing the perfumer points out: it’s the hair that retains the scent of perfume best, not the skin. Those worried that the perfume might damage their hair have nothing to worry about, the perfumer assures because the perfume contains far too little alcohol. Spray perfume into the air and let it settle on your hair.

Also, some fragrances are less hard-wearing than others, and it’s best to find suitable fragrances from the woody range, which are the most hard-wearing. The scent left by citrus-based fragrances fades very quickly.

As for storing your favorite perfumes, they should not be left in the bathroom.

Heat, light, and humidity will affect the qualities of the product much faster and the fragrance will fade considerably.

Much better to store them in a cool, dry place. Specialist Christine Luby recommends putting them under the bed, in a box, possibly in the packaging you bought them in, or in a cupboard in the bedroom.

One more important detail, the durability of a fragrance also depends on the amount of essential oil it contains, so opt for the best you can afford. So, eau de parfum contains about 15% (it’s also the most expensive), eau de toilette goes up to 8%, while eau de cologne has only 5% essential oil.

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