How to cover your white hair without dyeing it all.

Everyone has heard that home root dying can be unpleasant and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are many various do-it-yourself coloring techniques that won’t break the bank if you want to go longer between colorist visits or if you don’t have enough silver hair to tint your hair yet.

Would you rather accept the thinning of your hair? These women did this, and it completely changed their lives.

Sticks, sprays, and brushes are great and easy ways to cover up unattractive silver strands in grey hair. All you have to do is apply the product to your greys as instructed after washing and drying your hair.

Before selecting a color, take into account your hair’s natural color or regular dye. The good news is that the majority of these cosmetics (and every item on our list below) wash off with shampoo, so choosing the right shade may need some trial and error.

The following list of five popular grey hair concealers from Ulta costs less than $30.

Gray Waterproof Root Touch-Up Wand to Cover Your

This is the tool for you if you’re always on the run. When it comes to grey-covering hair products, color wands are the simplest to use and ideal for making quick touch-ups throughout the day. For best effects, draw on your grey hair strands beginning at your hair part and moving down your scalp.

You may conceal your silver hairs at the pool as well because the Cover Your Gray stick is waterproof. If she touches up after five days, one Ulta customer claims that the color stays on for ten days.

Brush for Root Touch-Up by Madison Reed

Invest in a color brush to hide larger gray hair patches. The Madison Reed brush is more expensive than other tools for quick concealment, but it is totally worth the cost.

Spray a light coating of hairspray over the areas you wish to cover before applying the powder; the hairspray will act as adhesive, keeping the color in place all day.

“Using this product has reduced my need to color my hair,” one consumer exclaims. If I only touch up my roots, I can go a month or longer without dyeing my hair. Although it works well, you should reapply it after shampooing. (There are six more non-dye options for treating grey hair here.)

At age 40 and up, use these tips to grow thick, lustrous hair:

The concealer spray L’Oréal Paris Root Cover-Up is used for.

If you want something simple to use that also covers up wider grey streaks, try a color spray. The L’Oréal Paris version won’t cause your strands to bunch up or leave behind a sticky residue. Just be sure to use just enough spritz to conceal your gray hairs—using too much spray may make your hair appear moist. If you miss a piece, hold the bottle farther away from your head and spray gently.

An Ulta customer claims, “I style my hair, and then just fill in my parts and hairline with short, quick sprays maybe 6 inches from the hair.” It is simple to apply and dries rapidly. It doesn’t leave behind a cakey or dusty finish.

John Frieda Root Blur Color Blending Concealer is a concealer for touch-ups.

Concealer for hair color is applied similarly to concealer for blemishes. After rubbing the applicator into the color, apply medium-to-hard pressure to cover up your grey hairs. The John Frieda brush is the perfect size for concealing stray grey hairs on various parts of your head because of its small size. The dual color pallet of this product, which offers two equal tones to choose from, has received great praise from Ulta customers:

One reviewer states, “The color combination is great for natural-looking blending.” “I had my doubts that the light hue would be effective, but it is. It will hold up till you wash it one more. (With these incredible grey hair styling techniques, you can also go gray in style.)

A touch-up powder is Everpro Gray Away Root Magnetic Powder.

This tool uses colored powder for color, similar to a touch-up brush, but you apply it with a tiny sponge. For the most even covering, lightly push the Everpro powder into your strands. You will need to clear the extra powder off if you press down too hard. You can carry this item, which comes in a compact case, in your purse and use it to touch up throughout the day.

One Ulta customer says, “The best part of the application system is that it has a little sponge and you dab it on.” It was very quick and easy.

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