Heartbreaking Betrayal: Teen Daughter Chooses Cheating Dad

After I divorced my cheating husband, my daughter remained with him and refused to see me… Years later, she came back to ask me to pay for her tuition. How should I respond after she ignored me for so many years?

A woman found herself in a circumstance that made her question whether turning down her daughter for aid years after not reaching out to her was the proper thing to do, or whether she still needed to be there for the daughter who had shunned her years before.

It all started when the woman, who sought advise from fellow Redditors, married a wealthy man.

He appeared to be the proper person for her, but shortly after marrying him and becoming pregnant with his kid, she discovered that he had cheated on her.

She convinced herself at the time that he did it because she couldn’t be there for him enough because of her pregnancy, so she decided to forgive him.

However, he cheated again a few years later, and she could no longer put up with his adultery, so she chose to divorce him.

This decision was not well received by either his or her family. Her parents advised her to forgive him again and be together with him for the sake of their daughter, whilst her in-laws feared divorce would harm the family’s reputation because they were wealthy and well-known.

The woman realized that sticking with her spouse would only make her feel even worse than she was, so she decided to divorce him.

Unfortunately, he wielded authority, and she lost custody of their kid.
The young girl was often persuaded that her mother was a bad person, therefore she never sought out to the woman telling this story.

It was difficult for her not to stay at her daughter’s side, but the daughter had nothing to do with her mother for many years, until one day she came to her door crying for help.

The woman’s ex-husband lost all of his money due to poor business decisions and was unable to pay for his daughter’s education expenses.

When the daughter returned home after a long absence, she explained that she lacked money and wanted to reconnect with her mother.

The mom wasn’t sure whether her daughter’s change of heart was genuine or if she only wanted to restore their connection to pay for her daughter’s education.

The problem is that even if she wanted to help her daughter financially, there was a provision in the woman’s will that stated that if she covered any expenses for her daughter, the daughter would forfeit her inheritance status and would not receive her mother’s money and assets after her death.

In reality, the mother named her goddaughter as the primary beneficiary of her estate.

When the family found out, they attacked the woman, accusing her of being a bad mother. They still accuse her of being a nasty person for putting her goddaughter ahead of her own daughter, who only wanted to communicate with her mother when financial troubles arose.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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