He Was Called “Rabbit Boy” by His Classmates – But wait until you see him now

Bullying is never acceptable, whether it is aimed at a student in a classroom or an adult at a job.

Because of the ridicule and bullying he experienced as a result of having unusually large front teeth, Evan Hill of New Zealand had a challenging childhood.

Bullies targeted him because of the appearance of his teeth. His two front teeth were so noticeable that he started getting the nickname “rabbit boy.”

He was taunted and tortured because of his large front teeth, but they were also bad for his health.

Among other problems, he had trouble closing his mouth entirely. Evan’s parents were unable to assist their kid since they couldn’t pay for the operation he required.

Then, a magazine published an article about Evan’s teeth. Many people were affected by the story.

His native residents as well as those all around the nation enthusiastically supported him.

The amount of support for Evan was so great that total strangers created a GoFundMe to help him pay for the crucial surgery he badly needed.

Evan’s mother told Newshub, “I don’t know where we would have been today without the generosity we had.”

The day had finally come, five years after Evan’s experience had made headlines.

The whole cost of the treatment was covered by private donations from hundreds of strangers.

The balance was donated to a charity so that it may provide dental care for other less fortunate children.

Evan was able to smile and flash his teeth after surgery without feeling self-conscious.

Watch the video below to see him as he is right now!

I’m delighted Evan was able to receive the cosmetic surgery he wanted despite the fact that nobody should ever be teased for their appearance.

As this story demonstrates, when people work together to help one another, great things may happen.

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