He took his pregnant girlfriend to the emergency hospital

When they learned they would be the parents, they were overcome with pleasure. Everything changed during a regular check.

Love can be shown in a variety of ways, not only verbally. Simple expressions of care and tenderness, such as “Take care of yourself,” “Are you okay?” “Did you eat today?” and “I miss you,” are how love is made manifest. Others need a lot of time to get to know each other in order to strengthen the relationship, while many people can understand and love each other after a short while. The adage “love at first sight” accurately describes the first scenario and the persons who were so fortunate to cross paths in these congested paths.

A Canadian couple went through an episode of a soap opera. Paul Servat and Barbara Bienvenue got to know one another at work, and after a few dates, they started dating. After just two months of dating, they confessed their love for one another and learned they would soon become parents. When they learned that she was expecting five children, the news was even more sweet. The family was ecstatic for them, but they were aware that raising such a big family would need a lot of sacrifices and work on their part.

The physicians told the woman that everything was fine after she underwent a few checkups by herself. Paul was overjoyed to learn that the infants are healthy and was eagerly counting down the days until he could finally touch them. Barbara and Paul went to a check-up while she was in her eighth month of pregnancy to be ready for the big moment, but they received completely unexpected news. Something that would completely upend Paul’s world.

The woman is not genuinely pregnant, according to the experts’ assessment. She was not carrying a child. After doing a number of analyses, doctors came to the conclusion that the woman was actually experiencing indications of a mental disorder and was just pretending to be pregnant. She told Paul that this wasn’t the first time she’d done it, according to a relative. The same terrible experience was undergone by a former lover, who was given false optimism before discovering that she had lied. Barbara eventually received specialist care after being checked into a mental health facility. Send this article to your family and friends!

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