He spent 17 years in prison, but when someone looked more closely at these two images he noticed a detail that left him speechless

Innocent man gets sentenced to 17 years of prison – when the judge analyzed his case once again he ordered to release him

When the law is broken, the culprit pays. But what happens when the culprit is actually an innocent man, someone who has a family at home and has lived his life in peace, obeying the laws and taking care not to deviate from the path of the righteous. If you don’t believe in bad luck, then this man’s case will make you think twice. He spent almost two decades of his life behind bars, for an act that was not committed by him.

Richard Anthony Jones had a normal life with his family in Missouri, working every day to provide all the necessities of the house, being a good father, husband, and citizen. One day, he was visited by some police officers and arrested for a crime that he said he did not commit. He claimed that he did not know what it was about, being a man with the fear of God, humble, and working a lot for his family.

At the final trial, because no fingerprints were found on the spot, eyewitnesses confirmed that he was guilty of armed robbery and in 1999 he began his sentence in a maximum-security prison. He got used to the idea. In the end, it seemed like the system was against him. Richard has often been mistaken in prison for a man who, according to detainees he met there, appears to be his twin brother. Moreover, the two have the same first name.

Finding out all these incredible details, the man tried to appeal and explain to the lawyer’s ex officio about what he heard in prison, but nobody listened. Following an appeal, the lawyer who handled his case presented pictures of the “twin”, the man who looked exactly like Richard. They realized that the criminal was out there, wandering.

The innocent man was released in 2016, after 17 years in prison for an act he did not commit. He could see his newborn daughter at the time he was sentenced, in her true splendor, a gorgeous 17-year-old teenager. This man went through very difficult times and due to a mistake he spent almost a lifetime in prison, while the true criminal was out there doing who knows what type of miseries. Many people would go crazy if they were in his place. Share this amazing story!

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