He shared his opinions on the afterlife before he died

He was a ground-breaking theoretical physicist, and because of his genius, people were interested in his views on God and the afterlife. He talked about the presence of a higher power and the potential for an afterlife in several interviews and writings.

Hawking’s response when asked if he believed in God was clear-cut. He believed that the universe could be explained by scientific rules and that there was no evidence for a higher power.

He stated in an interview with the Spanish daily El Mundo that “it is natural to believe that God created the universe before we understand science.” However, modern science offers a more logical answer.

Hawking held religious beliefs that were not specific to any one religion. He offered no scientific support for his assertion that all religions were founded on the same principles of faith. He rejects religion.

Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow’s book “The Grand Design,” which they co-wrote, built on their ideas regarding the universe’s beginnings. He asserted that the laws of physics, rather than a supernatural creator, were responsible for the creation of the cosmos.

The universe “can and will create itself from nothing because there is a law like gravity,” he wrote. “There is something, rather than nothing; the universe exists, and we exist because of spontaneous creation.”

Even Hawking’s opinions regarding the afterlife were supported by science. He believed that the concept of a hereafter was pure fantasy. He stated in his final work, “Brief Answers to the Big Questions,”

“No one made the universe or decided how our lives would turn out.” This leads me to the startling conclusion that there probably isn’t a Heaven or afterlife.I think it’s wishful thinking to believe in a hereafter. There is no reliable proof, and it goes against everything we know about science.

Hawking does not, however, disregard other people’s beliefs in order to impose his own. The simplest explanation, in his opinion, is that there is no God, he added. “We are all free to believe whatever we want,” he said.

Stephen Hawking’s experiences as a mathematician and his ambition to comprehend the cosmos through physical laws influenced his views on God and religion. Even though his theories were different from others’, his contributions to science will be respected and appreciated for a very long time.

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