Happy Rottweiler Momma Gave Birth Late At Night And Babies Kept Coming Until She Set a New Record

It’s so beautiful to see our fluffy companions giving birth. It’s a moment full of joy when puppies are coming out, ready to explore the world. Eleanor Usher had a huge surprise, literally, when the delivery time came for her Rottweiler name Jessie.

She gave birth three days before the expected date, delivered six tiny pups followed by nine more! Amazing right? She delivered no less than fifteen pups, in about seven hours of labor! If you think that she is a record-breaker, that’s wrong, because it seems that she got the silver being the second-largest litter in the UK, the gold going to a momma which delivered eighteen dogs at once!

Here comes the seventh, wait there’s another one..and another one, till she reached fifteen doggos. Can you imagine what the mother felt when seeing the bunch of tiny dogs?

The owners were overexcited to see how large their family became. It seems that Jessie doesn’t let anyone approaching her babies, showing that she is an independent mommy, in charge of her tiny souls.

A big round of applause for this responsible momma, let’s share the video to make her story known!

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