Happy birthday to the one and only Chris O’Donnell!

G. Callen in NCIS Los Angeles made Chris O’Donnell famous. The Chicago native is on season 13 of the show.

O’Donnell had a great career before NCIS, despite his fame. He was in Batman!

Despite settling down, Hollywood’s celebrity press reportedly hates the 51-year-old. Why? The reason isn’t obvious.

Here’s everything about Chris O’Donnell!

Chris O’Donnell was born in Winnetka, Illinois, about 30 kilometers from Chicago, on June 26, 1970. He was the youngest of seven Catholic siblings.

Chris O’Donnell: childhood
O’Donnell says his huge family has benefitted him. His devout upbringing and “altar-boy” beliefs aided him later in life.

Chis’s 13-year-old ambitions astonished his family. He wanted to model for easy money.

he told Rolling Stone.

O’Donnell’s sister met an agent at a wedding, giving him a chance after the calls failed. O’Donnell entered the agent’s downtown Chicago office and she adored him!

After that, Chris modeled Sears and Montgomery Ward pajamas. Commercials followed. He played a McDonald’s cashier serving Michael Jordan in 1987.

Chris O’Donnell told NBC he served breakfast in a McDonald’s polyester suit.

Jordan was six hours late since it rained 10 inches that day. After six hours in a McDonald’s, Jordan arrived, and it was awesome.”

Chris enthusiastically served Michael Jordan’s burgers, proving he could act.

Acting debut
O’Donnell went to school before attempting Hollywood. He studied marketing at Boston College after graduating from Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois, in 1988.

Traditionalist O’Donnell stuck to his study plan. He had already performed before college. After Boston College, he decided to perform.

He debuted in Men Don’t Leave and Fried Green Tomatoes in the early 1990s. He showed raw talent.

O’Donnell was unknown in Boston. Since he studied marketing, that’s not surprising.

His roommate and friends soon saw his skill.

O’Donnell played Barbara Streisand’s son in 1991’s Prince of Tides. She informed his roommate that she had declined the role.

“It was sophomore year, and I was living with some random people I didn’t know very well, and I hadn’t told anyone I had been making films because I wanted to know everybody without being the guy who made the films,” O’Donnell said on Watch What Happens Live.

Chris O’Donnell—Al Pacino
“So I’m at the library, and I come home, and my roommate goes, ‘Oh hey, D, uh, Barbra Streisand called you.’” O’Donnell added. “Okay man, thanks.” ‘What’s that?’ What did they say? ‘She’ll call at 1 o’clock tomorrow.’ The hall waited to answer the phone.”

Barbara never phoned back. Chris may have considered this a major setback.

Scent of a Woman, starring Al Pacino, was his breakout in 1992. O’Donnell won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor. Pacino won an Oscar.

O’Donnell enjoyed working with Al Pacino and learnt a lot about acting. He said it improved his acting.

The best is Al. He’s a legend, possibly of all time. “To have spent five or six months one on one for the majority of those scenes was incredible,” O’Donnell added.

I’d listen. Creative genius. One scene could take 15 takes. Each take was unique. He knew which ones he liked after 15 takes.”

Al Pacino gave O’Donnell acting advice and a life lesson.

O’Donnell’s wife
“It was just the most nerve-wracking experience of my life,” O’Donnell told Big Morning Buzz Live.

At the time, I knew it would be the best single-acting experience of my life.

“He always told me don’t marry an actress,” he said. “He said you’ll always be second.”

Al Pacino influenced O’Donnell, who dated Reese Witherspoon in 1992.

No actresses. He fell in love with his roommate’s younger sister. The skilled actor began dating Carolina Fentress in 1993.

As O’Donnell filmed movies around the world, they started off long-distance. Carolina “had to” stay in the U.S. to finish her sociology degree at Rollins College in Florida. In her home Washington, D.C., she taught kindergarten.

O’Donnell kids
Chris O’Donnell married Carolina Fentress in 1997. Before proposing on Thanksgiving 1996, the actor approached the bride’s father for permission.

“That’s my family’s way,” he replied.

250 individuals attended the event at Washington, D.C.’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Sandra Bullock, O’Donnell’s In Love and War co-star, attended.

“I knew when I got into this business I couldn’t have it both ways: I could live the playboy lifestyle, which isn’t bad, or have a traditional family life, which is how I grew up. He told Redbook that was more important.

O’Donnell, a Catholic, also explained how he and Carolina have lasted 25 years.

“Our families have the same values and traditions, which goes a long way because when the excitement and heat of romance wears off, those are the things you fall back on.”

Carolina, his wife, added: “He plays a vital role in our children’s lives, and that’s a big turn-on. I thought, ‘He’s going to be a fantastic dad’ when I met him. It was what attracted me to him.”

Chris and Carolina have five adorable children: Lily Anne, Maeve Frances, Charles McHugh, and Christopher.

While filming Vertical Limit in New Zealand, Chris O’Donnell had Lily Anne in 1999. Chris flew to Christchurch to deliver Carolina.

The actor’s firstborn was dramatic. Chris collapsed at seeing his daughter’s forehead.

“The next thing I knew, they got me up and put scissors in my hand to cut the umbilical cord,” he told Rolling Stone.

Chris always wanted five children and was a family man. He thought three kids would be plenty.

He and Caroline had five lovely children.

The actor and his children strive to live a “normal” life away from the media.

Chris often posts images of his children, and many admirers have noted that his sons resemble him.

Christopher O’Donnell, his oldest son, often resembles him. Christopher was named after his renowned father in 2000. He may feature in “NCIS: Los Angeles” like his father, although it’s unclear.

Chris’ children have guest-starred in NCIS. Finley, born in 2006, played 5-year-old Callen in two episodes. Finley had two episodes.

In “NCIS: Los Angeles,” Chris’ youngest son, Charles McHugh O’Donnell, played a younger version of his father.

Chris O’Donnell is a fantastic performer, and we’re glad his colleagues like him. We find it amazing that these people are scarce in Hollywood.

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