Happier Days The actor Scott Baio has made the decision to permanently move out of California because he has had enough.

Scott Baio has joined the list of well-known Hollywood personalities who have relocated outside of California. The actor has given an explanation of his reasons for leaving.

Continue reading to learn more about the actor’s reasons for leaving the state that he has called his home for so many years.

Scott Baio’s portrayal of Chachi Arcola in the comedy Happy Days may have been his best work to date. The actor, who has long resided in the Golden State, tweeted about his relocation.

The homeless population in Los Angeles is growing, and the actor used this fact to support his decision.

The actor has spent 45 years in Los Angeles, but he’s had enough of the city. I’m finally making my way to ‘leave stage right’ from California after 45 years, he remarked on Twitter. By 2022, there would be 69,000 homeless people in the county and 41,000 in the city, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s most recent estimate.

A lot of individuals commented on Baio’s decision to leave. Others might sense the actor’s motivation. Scott, well done, a Twitter user commented. “Your family and you will both be much happy. You may also come back if CA changes in the future.

Excellent, sir, said a different Twitter user. I wish you luck in finding a home where you and your family may live happily and comfortably. If you want it, Texas still has some space available. You are invited to visit with us.

A second person chimed up with “Congratulations,” echoing Baio’s remarks. “As soon as he does, my son and I will be gone. The state has lost some of its former attractiveness since I arrived in 1970.

Others weren’t quite as upbeat. One Twitter user retorted angrily, “Considering you’ve never done anything to help out in the situation after getting wealthy off of us, we will be pleased to see you go.” One more person said, “Happy Californian here, especially knowing you are leaving!!”

Others made fun of the actor, with one user jokingly asking the actor, “With your lack of work over the last 20+ years – are you one of the homeless?”

Who cares? About thirty years ago, you ceased to be relevant. A more person was added.

It’ll be simple to pack up your tent and shopping cart, commented another individual who didn’t like his post. “Since 40 years have passed since you last had a career,”

The 62-year-old actor has made his Woodland Hills residence available for purchase, demonstrating his seriousness. The value of the home is $3,85,000,000. This enormous house is 6,300 square feet in size, includes five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and a home theater. In 2010, it cost $1.85 million to purchase the home.

Scott Baio is just one more name on the long list of famous people from Hollywood who have moved from California to other places. Famous personalities who recently relocated from California include Matthew McConaughey, Joe Rogan, and Mark Wahlberg.

In December 2020, McConaughey plans to return to Texas, the state in which he was born. The primary factor in his choice to move was his wish for his children to grow up with his family and share his “values.”

Joe Rogan used a comparable approach in August 2020. He moved his family away from Los Angeles because of the “insane” traffic and high cost of living there. Additionally, the well-known podcaster moved to Texas. After selling his Beverly Hills home for $30 million in April 2021, Mark Wahlberg moved to Ohio. The fact that the actor has family in the area and owns a Chevrolet company there could have affected his decision.

Do you support Scott Baio’s choice to leave Los Angeles? Post a comment below and tell us! Fans of other musicians should pass this information along to them so they are aware of this important development in their lives.

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