Get rid of cockroaches forever with this simple method

Cockroaches are irritating when you have them around your house, especially in your kitchen.
Most times, you may have used all sorts of insecticides and you are beginning to get tired of spending every now and then. Most insecticides do not go less than 2k.
So, to keep them away by spending less, you can either do any of these two methods

  1. Get Cucumber— Slice them and place them in areas where you see or feel Cockroaches reside in your kitchen or anywhere in your room. Cockroaches run away from cucumbers and will never come close.
  2. Get sugar, mix it with a lot of baking soda, and pour in the areas where you think they gather most. Mostly at corners.
    When you do any of these, you will never find any cockroaches in your house and kitchen for a long time.
    I believe this will be helpful to someone here.

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