From Alcoholic’s Home to Country Star: The Unbelievable Journey of This Boy in the Pic Who, at 56, Raises Kids with Hollywood Beauty

The man on the cover was once a child who had a horrible childhood while growing up in the home of an alcoholic.

As an iconic country music performer, adoring husband to a famous Hollywood actress, and adoring father of two, he now leads an extraordinarily successful and fulfilled life.

After growing up with a father who never expressed his affection for him, he is the greatest father he can be to his children.

A famous country star who is now highly successful grew raised in a troubled family. Though he was a well-mannered and well-behaved little boy who had no difficulties, fights, or run-ins with the law, this gifted musician had a fairly traumatic life as a child.

During an in-depth interview about his life and career a few years ago, the artist confessed that his trauma was triggered by his parents’ penchant for migrating constantly. The musician’s capacity to feel intimate comfort in family life was hampered by his constant relocation as a child.

In fact, he says in the same interview that if he could change one thing about how his parents raised him, it would be to live in a house full of closeness. When pushed to expand on what he meant by this, the singer revealed:

“My dad was an alcoholic, and I grew up in an alcoholic’s house. No intimacy.”

After divulging this information, the interviewer inquired whether his father would ever become physically angry with him. The country music artist clarified that his father was a physical disciplinarian and recalled:

“I don’t recall him ever telling me he loved me as a kid. I’d do a gig I thought was fantastic, and the only thing he’d say is, ‘When you speak onstage, you’ve got to slow down.’ He never commented on anything else.”

He continued to assert that as his dad aged, he forgot about the way he disciplined him. However, the musician believes that he genuinely could not recollect what happened in the past.

Keith Urban, Who Grew up in an Alcoholic’s House, Is Now a Loving and Devoted Husband and Father

Keith Urban, the legendary country singer, is a small boy who grew up with an alcoholic father. Aside from his great talent as a vocalist and entertainer, Urban is also the loving spouse of 56-year-old Hollywood legend Nicole Kidman.

In 2005, the two met at a Los Angeles gala honoring Australians in America. Following their wedding, Kidman and Urban planned to spend the first year of their marriage on a farm.

Being careful not to follow the same pattern as his father, Urban is an attentive and doting dad who raises his girls on one of their beautiful family ranches in Nashville.

Kidman and the New Zealand-born artist have been married for 17 years and just celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary. The couple has two children, Sunday and Faith Kidman-Urban, and their adoring father enjoys being a parent.

In a previous interview, Urban expressed his love for his girls and how amazing it felt to be a father. He was especially delighted to be a girl-dad because he had no sisters. He has appreciated the learning curve that comes with raising two young daughters.

Urban continued to speak about his loving children, revealing how they influence all he does. Though they are proud to brag about and share their love for Sunday and Faith, Kidman and her husband prefer to keep them out of the spotlight.

Urban claimed that they do their best to offer them a regular life, such as participating in family events, staying off social media, and not reading tabloids. Looking back on his parents’ moves, which included a huge transfer to Australia when he was two, Urban says:

“They were keeping it together really well, considering… starting a completely brand new life in a foreign country, which Australia was to them… They didn’t have any money… I’m just really impressed at what they were able to accomplish, the two of them.”

Urban has come a long way since childhood and has been blessed with an amazingly fruitful life with his loving wife, Kidman, and beloved daughters.

Being careful not to follow the same pattern as his father, Urban is an attentive and doting dad who raises his girls on one of their beautiful family ranches in Nashville.

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