Father Finds Out Daughter Is Bullying Girl for Her Looks

When a father discovered his daughter was a bully, he reacted in an unusual way. He befriended the victim and assisted her in facing the obstacles in a unique way.

A father from South Carolina taught his daughter a vital life lesson in 2017. When he discovered she was bullying a classmate, he intervened in a praiseworthy manner.

He treated the bullied girl to a shopping spree. He also paid for the victim, Ryan Reese, with money he had saved for his daughter. She was able to get her hair done thanks to these monies.

She Learned A Life Lesson

Randy Smalls, the father, revealed that he, too, was bullied as a child. Randy wanted his daughter, Re’Onna, to understand that her actions were inappropriate and hurtful. She went along with her victim’s shopping binge and claimed to have learned a valuable life lesson.

Randy reminded his daughter, who was among those who laughed and made fun of Ryan, that if she laughed along with them, she was “co-signing the bullying.”

Randy said: “My daughter was upset, especially because she is into fashion. So she came with us and helped pick out Ryan’s new clothes.” The shopping spree and show of affection were not one-off occurrences.

The Young Lady Was Suffering From Depression

Randy continued to assist Ryan with her clothing shopping and to take her to the hair and beauty salon on a regular basis. Richauna explained that her daughter has been struggling since the deaths of her grandfather, father, and aunt.

This, combined with the bullying, drove her into a deep despair. Randy’s kindness helped her regain her confidence and gave her the energy she needed to face the folks at her school.

Randy also had a message for those parents who are dealing with bullying in their children. He stated:

“We must accept responsibility for what our children do.” When instances like this arise, we must act and be the parent, not the friend.”

Ryan and Re’Onna are “cool now,” according to Ryan’s mother. Bullying is unfortunately common in schools and frequently causes emotional harm to youngsters. Ryan’s scars are starting to heal thanks to one kind father.

Re’Onna has learned the hard way that you never know what someone is going through, so she no longer bullies others. Re’Onna now defends Ryan when she sees her being bullied at school.

Ryan is grateful that things have drastically improved, despite her initial belief that once Re’Onna’s father handled it, everything will return to normal. Re’Onna’s father even encouraged Ryan to accompany him and his girls to their school’s annual Valentine’s Day father-daughter dance.

Given New Dresses

Re’Onna and Ryan were also lavished with beautiful gowns. When Steve Harvey’s company approached a clothes store in Myrtle Beach, the two young ladies were given a wonderful present.

Ryan has come a long way from her bullying days. Although the beautiful clothing made her feel like a queen, she claimed she felt most like herself.

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