Dr. Phil destroys girl who claims to be Maddie McCann

The young Polish woman named Julia Wendell, who thinks she might be Madeleine McCann, spoke with Dr. Phil on Tuesday about her assertions that the missing British kid is indeed her.

The TV personality got down with the 21-year-old Polish woman, who was taken to the US by her attorney, Dr. Fia Johansson, after getting death threats, and they explored a number of significant parallels that made her think she might be Maddie.

Julia said, “It’s a bit faded now, but yes,” when asked if the pair had the same iris defect. They also demonstrated how they both have the same dimple, with Dr. Phil remarking, “You look a lot like her from those ages.”

Dr. Phil asked Julia if she thought she looked a lot like Maddie when she was a teenager and if she had an iris defect like she did. Julia replied, “Alright, ok, so you think you look a lot like her at those ages and that you have an iris defect the same as she did. Another thing is facial expression. When I laugh, my eyes close a little like on the lower picture on the row of the screen, the Madeleine picture. When I laugh,

Julia said that her mother “refused” to divulge any details about her early years when Dr. Phil questioned her about her Polish parents.

“She claimed to have given birth to me, but she refused to provide any documentation,” my mother stated. “When I requested her DNA prior to the current circumstances and pregnancy images, she refused, saying she didn’t want to.”

Who knows if the private investigator even genuinely believes this girl? Dr. Phil’s viewers were very divided in their reactions to the interview. One wrote: “This is ridiculous. The private investigator is loving every minute of being in the spotlight. I hope she gets the help she needs!” Another added: “Whoever she is, she needs to feel safe and loved.”

A third commenter asked: “Why can’t they conduct a simple DNA test and be done with it without inflicting extra grief to the McCann family? This whole thing has become into a global project/drama.”

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