Doctors and parents were astounded by what they discovered behind his ear

Ticks are not harmful insects themselves, but the parasites that they carry can cause serious health problems. They require the blood of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and even occasionally human beings in order to maintain their own survival.

As soon as Stephanie entered the bedroom that her child occupied, she became aware that there was something wrong with him.

Although her son Colin is accustomed to bouncing around in his room, his behavior on this particular occasion was peculiar.

Stephanie’s son Collin had just been playing in bed with her when she called out for her husband Dillon. Collin had been staring up at her.

When Dillon and Stephanie took their son Colin to the emergency department, they were astounded to find out that he had become paralyzed in the previous night. They thought that he had struck his head while warming up for his brother’s baseball game, and that this was what caused the concussion.

The fact that he was able to talk rather effectively after the incident and was not suffering any symptoms led the doctors to conclude that there were no indications of a concussion.

When Collins’ condition rapidly deteriorated, we were required to perform more examinations. When Dillon saw that Collin was unable to move, it broke his heart.

Because he was unable to consume any food or liquids, he had to be moved to a more extensive medical facility when his oxygen levels started to drop.

Collin was aware that every second counted, and he had the best equipment at his disposal. This was known by both Stephanie and Dillon.

Collin’s parents found out after he was transported that if they had arrived even one minute later, their son might have gone into cardiac arrest. This information came to light after Collin was moved.

After some investigation, it was found that the problem originated from a little tick that was hiding behind Collin’s ear.

Both his parents and the physicians had missed it when it happened.

After having the tick removed, he recovered to his regular state almost immediately.

Paralysis is a rare ailment that can be caused by insect saliva, despite the fact that tick bites are extremely common.

The qualified medical practitioner said that the salivary glands of the tick contain a chemical that is neurotoxic. This provides evidence that the neurotoxic substance, which caused Collin’s paralysis, was absorbed into his bloodstream while the tick was feeding on him.

The problem that Collin has should serve as a lesson for parents to teach them to be vigilant about their children’s health.

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