Dima, the child thrown away like garbage!

Dima, is the child beaten by fate. Because he had health problems at birth that changed his appearance, his parents did not want to hear about him and abandoned him. A few years later something miraculous happened that completely changed his life.

The little boy from Hungary, named Dima, has a fascinating story that has reached the homes of many people around the world, moving them and making them realize that physical appearance is not important. Dima is one of the people diagnosed with hydrocephalus, he was born with it. Hydrocephalus, also called “water in the brain” is the accumulation of fluid inside the brain. Excess fluid deforms the skull and puts pressure on the brain, so it affects both physical appearance and body functions. The child’s parents, finding out about this disease, abandoned the child from the moment he was born without even wanting to see him.

For this reason, Dima arrived, as a baby in an orphanage for children with disabilities. From that moment on, his life was a torment, because he was not offered the help he needed. Although the child at only 4 years old had an impressive vocabulary and was intellectually developed well above average, he could not feed or walk alone, so his physiological functions were severely impaired. became even more complicated because the children in the orphanages were moved from one place to another. For this reason, Dima’s progress stagnated and his condition became worse and worse.

When he arrived at another orphanage, no one gave him any chance to recover or at least live, but then came his rescue, namely a family that wanted to adopt him. Although they knew of his serious condition, this family from the United States of America was so impressed by the little boy’s story and his mental abilities that they wanted with all their heart to help him and fight for him to lead a life as long as possible. close to normal.

From the moment the child moved to America, together with his adoptive family, he received a new name, namely Zebadiah and the love of his parents and his 7 brothers, being also adopted, his condition improved, reaching even his first steps. Currently, he lives in America, participates in activities for people with disabilities to progress, and has all the love and support of the adoptive family.

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