Couple adopts triplets

Sarah Justice and Andy Justice tried to conceive for a very long time. But fate had other ideas.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma, couple explored every option. The couple looked for a child for three years before choosing to investigate adoption.

Soon later, Sarah and Andy were connected with a birth mother, and they accompanied her to an ultrasound.

The ultrasound results, however, stunned not just the experts but also the birth mother and the Justices. The pregnant woman was having triplets.

Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth were born without incident a few months later. Sarah and Andy, who had recently become parents, had even more amazing news a week later.

The childless couple was about to have a sizable family all of a sudden.

Sarah and Andy Justice experienced unparalleled joy.

After years of attempting to get pregnant, they had come to terms with the notion that, at best, they could adopt one or two children.

They were overjoyed when they made the decision to adopt triplets in 2014.

Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth, three premature newborns, had a challenging beginning to life.

Before being allowed to return home, the triplets had to spend some time in the NICU.

On the other side, the Supreme Court was overjoyed to have them on board.

Sarah’s OB/GN also told her some unusual news a week after she and her husband received their three baby infants.

Sarah saw her doctor soon after giving birth to her triplets, and he or she informed her of some shocking facts.

Sarah herself was carrying not one, but two infants!

After several years of failure, she and her husband finally succeeded, and they are now expecting twins.

Eight months later, Abigail and Andrew were born, which made the house feel even more crowded.

But the Justice family’s adventure was far from over. Sarah experienced another miraculous conception and this time gave birth to a healthy child.

It had only been two short years since the couple had been childless when Caleb was born.

This does not mean that you should give up on your goals.

simply because unexpected events in life frequently lead you to your most desired outcomes. A wildly large and committed clan in this instance.

Naturally, the strange circumstances surrounding this family’s rise to fame went viral. In 2014, The Justices appeared on the TODAY show and discussed their insane daily routine.

The family, according to the father, Andy, uses 300 diapers on average each week.

“You have to start over after changing one diaper.”

The couple is unrepentant despite their efforts and challenges.

We genuinely enjoy having these children, Sarah said.

The photographs show that the kids are happy and healthy while also rapidly maturing.

Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth, the triplets, just turned six.

They still think of their family now with the same gratitude and optimism.

I’m hoping that their story and their love for their kids will continue to touch thousands more people.

What a remarkable event! I pray that God would provide the Justices and their family good health.

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