Chilling 1992 Photo Predicts Woman’s Fate: ‘It’s the Last Night You’re Going to Live”

Judy Sharp, 61, of Brisbane, tells her remarkable experience to inspire others.

My heart sank when my husband presented me with a bouquet of tulips.

‘Thank you, they’re lovely,’ I said, forcing a smile.

Mick* gave her flowers every Friday, 52 weeks a year, without fail.

It should have made her unique, you might think, but it freaked her out for the rest of the week.

He was easily envious of trivial matters. She was tyrannical and deeply unhappy.

Things worsened after both of their sons were born.

He was so convinced she was cheating that he taped the front and back doors and checked every morning to see whether they were broken.

The only thing that bothered her was being called a bad mother.

She reasoned that the lads deserved better.

However, Mick, the husband, was in charge of the funds, and she had nowhere to go with empty pockets.

Mick insulted her one day as she was seated on the sofa with the boys. Suddenly, he grabbed the camera, snapped a picture of them, and told her it was the final night she’d be alive so the boys could remember her.

He gripped her as he took the photo, but her terrified screams forced him to release her.

She left with the boys when he left for work the next morning.

She looked for a house to rent in the midst of her mental instability. Because Tim had severe autism, no shelter would accept them, leaving this as their only alternative.

She took money out of their account to pay for bond and a week’s rent.

They swiftly took the removal vehicle, packed their belongings, and went.

How is she going to raise two boys when she has no money and no job? But the moment she stepped into the new house, a weight was lifted from her shoulders.

Mick no longer harmed her, but what transpired in that house was horrifying to behold, especially for the young boys.

She always made sure they knew how much she loved them and that they didn’t become angry like their father.

‘The most essential thing you can be is kind,’ she’d remark.

She is overjoyed that both of them have grown into wonderful, happy gentlemen. Tim, 32, is a successful artist, and Sam, 30, is a swim coach who trialed for the Olympics.

She has a beautiful life, with a job she enjoys and a home that includes a garden.

She wanted to tell her story and allow those who have been abused to realize they are not alone.

She shares a tale on Facebook every year on the anniversary of their escape. The guys are so proud of themselves that they are assisting other survivors.

She discovered the frightening photograph Mick shot a few years ago and decided to share it with everyone.

It was difficult to witness their expressions, but she wants women to understand that domestic abuse is NEVER acceptable. No child deserves to grow up in such a deplorable atmosphere.

She wants people to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

*The name of Mick has been changed.

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