Britney Spears breaks silence after messy public slap

Britney Spears became enraged and demanded an explanation after allegedly receiving a backhand from Victor Wembanyama’s security guard in Las Vegas and having her glasses knocked off in front of witnesses.

Britney Spears is frightened and furious over an alleged “embarrassing” slap for San Antonio Spurs star Victor Wembanyama by a security guard, and she demands an apology and “respect” in response. On Thursday, July 6, the “Toxic” singer posted on Instagram stories about the alleged “traumatic” assault and her outraged response to it.

In a statement, the surprised actor stated, “Traumatic experiences are not new to me, and I have had my fair share of them.”

“I was surprised by what I thought of last night. I recognized an athlete in my hotel who I later met. I decided to approach him and give him my congratulations on his accomplishment. It was so loud that I patted him on the shoulder to get his attention.

I’m aware of the player’s claim that he was “grabbed from behind,” but all I did was tap him on the shoulder. Then, in front of a throng, his security guards backhanded me in the face without turning around. I was almost knocked over, and it knocked my spectacles off my face. I constantly have people swarming around me. actually that evening. A gang of at least 20 fans surrounded me. No one on my security team’s target list was hit.

The mother of two then revealed a weakness. Although it would be extremely embarrassing to tell the entire world about this, it has already been done. But I believe it’s crucial to share this tale and to compel public figures to lead by example by showing respect for everyone.

After bemoaning the rise in physical violence generally and emphasizing the fact that it typically takes place “behind closed doors,” Britney issued an apology request.

“Neither the athlete, his bodyguards, nor their organization have publicly expressed their regret to me. I sincerely hope so,” she penned. The actress from Crossroads thanked her followers for their support in her final tweet. I cherish the abundance of love and support I am currently experiencing, she remarked. I appreciate the detectives and the Las Vegas Police Department’s help.

Britney reportedly told the authorities about the alleged incident at the Catch restaurant inside the ARIA hotel in Las Vegas, according to TMZ on Thursday, July 6. The report said that when Britney approached the sportsman, she was surrounded by onlookers and was accompanied by her husband Sam Asghari.

You realize how it is when you’re being swamped by fans, the security guy reportedly apologized when he subsequently approached her in the restaurant. HollywoodLife was informed by the Las Vegas PD that they had responded to a “battery investigation” on Las Vegas Boulevard at 11 p.m. that day. Additionally, they stated that despite a completed police record on the incident, no arrests had been made.

Victor may be heard talking about the alleged incident in recordings that were becoming popular on Twitter during this period. He said, “I didn’t see what happened since I was walking straight and we were told, ‘Don’t stop,'” according to the interview tape. But I can only presume that security pulled the attacker away because she grabbed me from behind rather than my shoulder. Though I’m not sure how firmly. But security forced her away. I entered and took part in the lovely dinner without pausing to glance around. He said that he had never seen Britney Spears’ face and that he just realized who it was a few hours later.

On social media on Thursday, Britney’s husband of a year made a harsh criticism of the security guard. The model, 29, said, among other things, “I consider my reaction restrained considering what happened, and I hope the aforementioned man learns a lesson and changes his hatred for women.

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