Beloved TV personality found dead near home

Alice Stewart, a CNN commentator, was found dead in her home on Saturday morning. A lot of people have said nice things about her.

A lot of people have said nice things about the Republican correspondent since she died suddenly in her Virginia home at age 58.

The cause of death has not been found yet, but police do not think there was any foul play.

CNN reported that officials think Stewart may have had a medical emergency.

Following the news of Stewart’s death, her sister-in-law Vikki Fraker spoke out about her on social media.

“To the wonderful people on our farm, Eric’s sister Alice Stewart died suddenly Friday night. We’re very upset. “Thank you for praying for Eric, Andrea, and Heather,” she wrote on Instagram.

Stewart used to work as a local TV host before she got into politics and became Mike Huckabee’s communications director when he was governor of Arkansas.

She first worked on his campaign and then moved on to help other GOP candidates, like Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, with their own political campaigns.

In 2016, she joined CNN during the election season and quickly became a mainstay.

After hearing about her death on Friday, the network put out a statement on Saturday.

“All of us at CNN knew Alice and worked with her,” CNN Chairman Mark Thompson said in a statement.

„A political veteran and Emmy Award-winning reporter who added a unique spark to CNN’s coverage. She was known across our bureaus not only for her political knowledge but also for her unwavering kindness. We’re sad about this terrible loss, and our hearts are heavy.

Douglas Heye, who was former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s deputy chief of staff, wrote a moving piece about how he dealt with Stewart’s shocking death.

“Losing Alice so suddenly and so tragically affords us all what should be unnecessary reminders to tell our friends and loved ones that we care about them,” he said.

“Be with them more. It’s mostly a reminder of how important small acts of kindness are, and they will live on long after we’re all gone.

Other coworkers shared their condolences for the late commentator on X, which used to be called Twitter.

It breaks my heart. Alice was wonderful, smart, and a dear friend. Ted Cruz wrote about his former communications director, “And she loved America very much.”

“She loved every moment of her life, and we will miss her a lot.” May God’s comfort and peace be with her family and friends. Rest in peace.”

“Sad to hear this news. Alyssa Farah Griffin, an American political strategist and CNN commentator, wrote, “Alice Stewart was smart, savvy, funny, and most of all kind.”

“She seemed to be from a different time, a better one where we could disagree with grace.”

“I’ll never forget how nice she was to me when I was down. Love to those who are closest to her.”

Neil Boykin, an author and former White House aide, also thought about his relationship with Stewart.

“I’m shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of @CNN political commentator Alice Stewart,” he told us.

She was my favorite Republican, and I worked with her at CNN for years.

“We didn’t always agree, but she was always polite and respectful.” “May she rest in peace.”

A message of sympathy was also sent by Governor Chris Christie.

“I am shocked and saddened to hear that Alice Stewart has died.” “She was very knowledgeable about politics and a great person to talk to about anything,” he said.

“I will miss Alice and will pray for her family.”

I’m sorry for your loss.
Fans have also gone on social media to talk about how shocked they are by the loss.

“I am very sorry to hear about Alice Stewart. When it comes to political news and views, we will all miss her lively personality. “The political world is a little less bright,” someone wrote on X, which used to be Twitter.

Someone else wrote, “I’m still processing this terrible news.”

“My deep, heartfelt condolences to her loved ones.”

“A real asset to CNN’s lineup,” said someone else about Stewart.

Before her sad death, the CNN star looked as happy as ever on social media.

The news anchor Wolf Blitzer, Maria Cardona, and her all stood there grinning ear to ear.

“When you can join the great Wolf Blitzer on CNN, it’s always a sunny day,” Stewart wrote under the picture.

A few weeks before, Stewart shared pictures from the CNN brunch she had at the British embassy.

She was seen at the White House Correspondents Dinner grinning from ear to ear.

That was a fun White House Correspondents Dinner in 2024 honoring great reporters and promoting the values of a free press, she wrote under one Instagram picture.

Blitzer said that hearing about Stewart’s death hurt him.

He wrote on X, “She was a very special person and we will miss her.”

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