Beloved celebrity passed away today after ignoring the most common cancer sign

That TikTok influencer and makeup artist for celebrities died because she didn’t pay attention to something that could be a sign of cancer.

In Anca Molnar’s home country of Romania on Thursday, mourners lined the road and cheered as her coffin went by.

Pro. TV in Romania said that they held up pink and purple umbrellas and threw white petals on a red carpet.

Milner Molnar, 35, died on Tuesday morning from a brain tumor.

She gave her and their son Patrick “the best years of our lives,” according to her husband Claudiu.

Molnar wrote a sad post on social media before she died, saying that she had fought the disease “until the last drop of hope.”

She had a loyal social media following in the European country because of how well she did makeup for famous people from the area.

One of Molnar’s close friends said that she had ignored a number of headaches, which can be a sign of cancer.

“She had been getting terrible headaches more often.”

“At first, she didn’t think much of them because that’s how people are,” Alina Radi said. “But she found it hard to do her daily tasks consistently.”

Ms. Radi said that Molnar, who is from the city of Timisoara in the western part of Romania, only saw a doctor when the pain got really bad a little over a year ago.

While doctors in Romania told her family that she had cancer, they said there wasn’t much they could do to help her.

Australia’s Cancer Council says that headaches may be a sign of brain cancer that is still early. Headaches are common, so the group says they are usually not a sign of the disease. However, if someone is worried, they should see a doctor.

A person may also have seizures, lose their balance, or become weak or paralyzed in one part of their body.

A person in Australia who has brain cancer is usually 59 years old. The outlook for people with brain cancer is not always good. “A cure is likely” for benign tumors that can be taken out, according to the Cancer Council.

Reports say Molnar then went to Turkey for brain surgery, as well as rounds of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The cancer did go into remission after the first surgery, but soon after, a second tumor was found, which meant she had to have surgery again.

Molnar talked about her treatment on social media, posting pictures of herself in hospital gowns and with a bandage on her head.

Recenty, Ms. Molnar talked about how much she appreciates her husband Claudia’s help.

“The strongest and best man is always by my side, good times and bad.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

She died on Tuesday. On Instagram and TikTok, Ms. Molnar posted a picture of a sunny day from above the clouds the day before.

“I came, had a great life, and then I left for another world.” I fought completely and as well as I knew how… It said, “Until the last drop of HOPE.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful life I’ve had.

“Let my smile be a sign that I lived every moment to the fullest.

“One more thing I want to tell you: live beautifully and to the fullest!”

Molnar died on Thursday, and her husband held a funeral for her.

Saying goodbye to our love! These years were the best of our lives thanks to you. The man said in a statement, “You made us strong men who will never forget you.” The Romanian website Spy News reported this.

“We pray that you see us with pride from heaven!”

“Today, our child, Patrick, and I are saying goodbye.”

It was very brave of you to fight for us. Your departure only affects other people, not our hearts! No problems, my love!”

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