‘Beautiful Soul’ Is Passes Away in the Parking Lot After Work

On Friday, a lady in Louisiana was shot many times as she was leaving work before the attacker turned the gun on himself in what the police are describing as a “domestic violence situation.”

According to the police, Ashley Yates, 35, was discovered outside a store in Westport Village in Graymoor-Devondale on June 30 at about 8:00 p.m.

According to Lyndon’s police chief, Robert Schroeder, “When we found her, she was being treated by some civilians for her gunshot wounds.”

After being brought to the University of Louisville Hospital, Ashley passed away from her wounds.

The murder was referred to by Schroeder as a “domestic violence situation.”

According to the victim’s brother Andrew Thompson, Ashley “had every reason to leave the person who did this, and her life was threatened before, but she was stuck in a cycle and kept going back to this individual.”

According to Thompson, the suspect “knew where she was going to be and what time she was going to get off, and he waited for her,” WHAS11 said. He will have to answer to the same God for what he did, and I think she is in heaven.

Police claim that the unidentified suspect committed suicide on Saturday.

The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department stated in a statement received by PEOPLE that “We believe the suspect from the murder of Ashley Yates committed suicide Saturday evening.” The death of the criminal means that our case is closed.

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A GoFundMe page has been created to assist with Ashley’s funeral expenses.

She was lauded for her “beautiful soul” and “big on her faith.”

As it is stated on the fundraising website, “She was always talking about her walk with Christ.” She even said, “Every day is a gift from God; that’s why we call it the present,” at the top of her Facebook profile. She has shown the significance of time and existence on our planet. She made the most of each day because tomorrow is never guaranteed. She went out of her way to make others laugh and smile. She was passionately in love. We have all learnt to smile despite our loss because of the memories we have of her. Her presence here will always be remembered. She is now our angel, and we are glad that we will one day be reunited.

Thompson said that Ashley was his staunchest ally.

In many respects, he added, “That was my best friend. She attended my stand-up comedy performances, and we frequently got into trouble together. She was my strongest supporter and believed in me. She was an inspiration to everyone since she was lovely, outgoing, and compassionate.

Schroeder asserts that he counsels domestic violence victims to get assistance.

“From a police perspective, we frequently observe instances of domestic violence in the neighborhood. We certainly urge anyone who has experienced domestic abuse or believes they may do so to get in touch with the police or one of the many organizations that are willing to help them, says the official.

Even though that kind of incident was unusual for this neighborhood and particular shopping center, it serves as a warning that anything can happen anywhere. And instead of using violence, as a species we must return to appreciating and defending one another.

Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or online at thehotline.org if you are a victim of domestic abuse. Calls are private and totally free. The helpline is accessible around-the-clock in more than 170 languages.

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