At the age of 92, the old man had one last wish

A 92-year-old man had one last wish

A 92-year-old man had as his last wish to hold your wife’s hand for the last time. When the doctors brought the old woman and they clasped their hands together, an incredible thing happened.
To reach this level of a relationship, implicitly to a relationship with such a long history, it takes a lot of dedication, trust, and devotion. The most special love stories are born when there is total love and ambition on both sides. So is the story of the two elders.
It is about a couple from China who have spent the last 66 years alone. The two left absolutely nothing in the way of their love and happiness, and as the years passed their relationship became closer, more intense, and stronger.

Finally comes the time of old age, and life tests us the most in that period. The old man we are talking about was 92 years old, and his wife was 95. They were getting sicker and were hospitalized in the same hospital but, unfortunately, on different floors. The 95-year-old had suffered some fractures and was recovering quite well. Instead, her husband was suffering from a serious terminal heart disease. Although very old and ill, he was very lucid and understood that his days were numbered.

Realizing that the moment of his transition to the world of the righteous was approaching, the old man had only one wish. The wish of the old man on his deathbed was to hold the person who had been with him all his life for the last time. Although doctors told him that this was not possible because his wife was on another floor of the hospital and could not move due to fractures, at the man’s insistence, his wife was brought to him.

When he saw his wife, the old man took her hand, burst into tears and hugged her tightly, telling her that he loved her and thanking her that she existed and that he had made her a better man. After this heartbreaking and emotional moment, the man’s heart stopped and he died.
All these moments took place in front of the medical staff who lived the moment at the same intensity as the two lovers. All the medical staff burst into tears because of the emotions of witnessing such a special moment.

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