At the age of 80, he wanted to return to his childhood home, convinced that there was a TREASURE hidden there.

Rudi Schlattner left Czechoslovakia with his parents after the Second World War, leaving behind everything they had.

Now, over 80 years old, Rudi has insisted on returning to the house built by his father, now used as a kindergarten. He was convinced that his father had hidden the family’s valuables in the house for the day they would return home.

In the attic, Rudi and the family members who accompanied him discovered a weakly fixed plank that had a rope tied to it. To everyone’s amazement, no one has discovered it in so many decades, although the building has undergone several renovations.

Behind the board is a secret compartment full of personal items hidden by Rudi’s father. The space was small, but the recoverers needed a few hours to empty the entire secret room.

The objects, mostly personal, have an important historical value, arousing the interest of a nearby museum. Although they are not valuable objects, they provide an image of family life in the 1940s.

Here is a video about this story:

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