A woman was “dead” for 27 minutes

Tina, who had been married to Brian for 30 years at the time, had a heart attack while they were hiking. When Brian recognized that she was not breathing, he was the first person to begin performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on her. Her condition was critical.

She was fortunate enough to be saved by him in the end. Between the time the ambulance arrived and the time she was finally transferred to the hospital, Tina had multiple near-death experiences and came perilously close to passing away on each of those occasions. She required resuscitation a total of six times from various members of the medical staff. Tina was considered to be “dead” for a total of 27 minutes throughout this time.

Even after receiving the immediate medical attention that was necessary for her condition, the mother of four remained unresponsive and was unable to speak. Brian prayed for Tina 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He beseeched God to have mercy on her and restore their relationship to one another. When the medical staff informed him that she had finally come to, he realized that his wish had been granted and that his dream had been realized.

Tina remained at risk. After gathering her power, she produced a hand signal requesting a pen and paper. She had something significant to say, and both the medical professionals and her family were aware of this fact. When they handed her the pen, she immediately began scrawling something terrifying on the page. Those who were there said that her statements made them feel a chill down their spine.

Watch the video that follows to find out more about her miraculous survival, her brush with death, and the disturbing message she left behind.

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