A woman entered a supermarket wearing basic clothing and an expression of sadness.

A woman entered a supermarket wearing basic clothing and a dejected expression.

She went up to the proprietor and requested permission to take certain items and pay later.

She spoke softly as she stated that they had seven children and were in need of food because her husband was severely ill and unable to work.

Unmoved, the store owner asked the security to remove the woman from the premises. The woman, who was contemplating her family, persisted in pleading:

I’ll pay as soon as I can, if you’ll excuse me. The store’s proprietor asserted that he could not supply food on credit to a stranger. A customer was sitting next to the store’s door and was listening to the dialogue.

The client approached the proprietor and expressed interest in his wife’s shopping, but he chose to ignore her. “Do you have a shopping list?” the business owner questioned the woman over the phone. She answered.

“Yes, sir.” He said, “All right, put your list on the scales and as you weigh the list, I’ll feed you.” He got a piece of paper, wrote about it upside down after a little moment of hesitation. The woman then timidly set the paper on the scales.

The moment I did it, the scales plummeted as if I had dropped a stone on them. Both the store owner and the client stared at him in awe.

The store owner began loading the scales with food, but she didn’t even move. As more food was added and the scales continued to fall short, the owner finally lost patience and removed the sheet of paper.

It was a prayer that began, “Lord, the Lord knows my needs; I leave this situation in Your hands,” rather than a shopping list.

As the customer left, the store’s owner handed her every item of food that was listed on the scales while remaining silent.

God bless you if you found this article to be truly interesting. Don’t forget to tell this tale to others in order to discover any tricks. The store owner read the newspaper while gazing in awe.

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