A mother of two hid her face for 12 years and no one knew what she looked like

A mother of two hid her face for 12 years and no one knew what she looked like. It all happened until one day when she decided to take off her mask and show everyone a terrible thing about her husband. What had the woman actually been hiding for so long?
The life of a mother of two named Saundra Crockett took a terrible turn at the age of 28. Everything went normally in the woman’s life, raising her two children with her husband. Instead, after a while, her husband began to behave strangely.
Saundra’s husband had begun to abuse her both physically and mentally, and over time the woman endured terrible suffering and injury. The woman’s choice was not to talk about it and to hide the wounds behind a mask. All this happened until one day when the woman could no longer resist the pain and went to the hospital.

The woman’s face was so affected by the beatings received from her husband that the wounds on her face made an infection that began to eat her tissue.
After she arrived at the hospital and the doctors checked her, they were shocked. The woman had only three days to live due to the infection. Instead, with the help of the woman’s strength of character and the efforts of doctors, she survived.

After she recovered, she was strong and managed to save herself and her children from her husband’s evil violence.
After the dark period she had gone through, Saundra chose to hide her very affected face from the sufferings she was subjected to. He made this choice because he was ashamed of what other people would say and thought the best way was to wear a mask every time he went out in public.

She did this until one day she met Deborah Alessi, who had also gone through terrible suffering caused by the man next to her and who had founded a non-profit organization for women abused by men. This organization helps women who have been victims of domestic abuse.

Deborah helped Saundra to her feet, and Deborah’s husband, a surgeon, offered her a free facial reshaping operation that would allow the woman to open her left eye and eat normally.

Currently, Saundra is happy and has no problem showing her true face, helping other abused women in her turn.

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