7 signs that your cat shows you she loves you

The cat is considered a truly favorite pet. But did you know the signs that show how much it loves its owner?

Find out in the following lines what exactly are just a few of the signs that your cat is showing that she loves you. Plus, find out why they are considered to be… selfish.

1. Your cat is blinking slowly

The first sign that your cat really loves you is that she blinks slowly when she looks at you.

By her language, this sign means that she’s kissing you with her eyes, similar to the words “I love you!”.

2. Your cat communicates with you

Another sign that your cat loves you is the way she communicates with you. Despite the fact that his specific meowing may also be related to possible behavioral or health problems, meowing in general is part of normal cat behavior.

Even more, when your cat meows it is a clear sign that she is doing well and appreciates her owner very much.

3. Your cat sleeps near you

Also, another sign that you will clearly understand that your cat loves you, is the fact that she will fall asleep in places where you are as close to her as possible. Despite the fact that maybe her nap is not near your bedroom, she will prefer to lie down on the desk, the couch, or the bed, it doesn’t matter where, just that she is near you. By doing this, she will show you that she wants to be as close to you as possible.

4. Your cat will rub his head against you

In addition, another sign that most people already know as a sign of love from their pet is when your cat rubs its head against you. Even if it either rubs its head or nose against you or sits on your shoulders, chest, or hips, it wants to pass its scent on to you. In this way, your cat is marking its territory.

5. Your cat licks you

Even this sign is recognized as a sign of love, from your cat to you. It licks you at times when it considers you part of its family, wanting to take care of your fur. It is also a clear sign that she likes you very much.

6. Your cat is holding its tail in the form of a question mark

Often, we may notice that our cat is holding its tail a little awkwardly, in a question mark-like shape. Thus, this is also a clear sign that she loves you very much, and that’s exactly what it means: “I love you!”.

In addition, even when your cat chooses to hold its tail up, it is still showing its affection, trust, and love for you.

7. Your cat rubs your feet

Last but not least, another sign to consider when your cat shows you that she loves you is when she rubs her feet. It’s his way of showing that you have very nice legs and considering the fact that he loves you, he wants to show you this. In other words, it wants to say, “I’m yours and you’re mine”.

Why cats are considered selfish

Despite all the above signs, through which your cat tells you that it loves you and cares a lot about you, there are still countless people who consider them… selfish.

Apparently, there is even a prejudice formed since the Middle Ages in the West that black cats are bad luck. This is not only prejudice in the West, but also in our country. Thus, when it comes to the black cat, it is known as the “unclean” on earth. This aspect dates back to the time when cats were highly favored by medieval witches. Therefore, every enchantress was accompanied by one or more of these cats.

This is the origin of the idea that cats are treacherous, selfish, and also dangerous, despite the fact that this is not the case at all, and that they are in some cases an invaluable help to people who own such pets.

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