7 Reasons Why Confident And Strong Women Are Targets For Narcissists

Nowadays, narcissists are misunderstood. One idea was that narcissists like insecure and weak people, deceiving confident people. A misunderstanding.

Narcissism is a grandiosity disorder. Narcissists are arrogant.

Narcissists are entitled and have a fragile ego. Why do insecure narcissists like confident, strong people?

7 reasons narcissists pursue powerful women:

  1. They validate them.
    Narcissists are attracted to strong women. They think flirting or dating that person proves themselves. Narcissists try to show others they deserve a full life.
  2. They like challenges.
    Narcissists feel superior. They also like challenges. They feel no superiority over the partner when they target an insecure lady. Narcissists seek a strong, confident woman to feel superior.

When couples trust narcissists, they change. They shred their partner to feel superior.

  1. Strong women protect them.
    Narcissists naturally feel worthless and powerless, but they think they’re the most powerful.

Confident, assertive women make the world safer for everyone, including narcissists.

Narcissists feel protected around strong women. They will unknowingly destroy safety when they turn on a strong lady.

  1. They desire your life.
    Narcissists seek power, intelligence, strength, and confidence like powerful women.

They assume they can gain power by hanging out with positive individuals. Once they understand they cannot take authority, they will start to pull down their spouse.

Narcissists crave powerful, confident people’s lives. If they don’t get their way, they’ll hurt you.

  1. They like compassion.
    Confident women are tolerant and sympathetic. They tolerate narcissist manipulation well.

Narcissists also employ empathy and tolerance to get inside their heads. They trust and then betray.

  1. They envy strong women.
    Narcissists envy confident women. They want to destroy them.

Strong ladies comfort them.
Narcissists like strong women. Strength helps them. They’ll go when they’re done. No limits.

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